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Amund Hammer

Culture, Policy and Management
Amund Hammer, MA Culture, Policy and Management, 2016

Amund is Concerts Manager in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a professional classical musician, Amund was always very interested in the administrative side of the industry – he is now Concerts Manager in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. ‘The course really gave me a very good platform to build my career, as it provided a balance of in-depth insight to the various challenges and possibilities in the cultural sector, ranging from political, social and economic issues to artistic factors and management – I was always interested in audience development and fundraising.’

The professional placement provided the opportunity to work in one of the industry's leading companies. Though it was the dissertation process that became a breakthrough in my career, as I chose to write about subjects directly linked to my career plan. Choosing to interview key persons in organisations that interested me actually led me to my current employer as and the relationship I had established in the research process and, I suppose, the skills that I showed, became a deciding factor in my favour in the end.’