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Aline Cajiga Sanchez

Culture, Policy and Management

Aline went back to Mexico City’s Interactive Museum of Economics after her MA CPM here at City where she now is the director of ‘Special Projects’.

‘When I returned I as appointed to the area of Strategic Planning where I have had the opportunity to apply all that I learnt in the MA, especially ‘Cultural management’, ‘Education and participation’ and ‘Fundraising’. The general experience of having a chance to study in the UK has been very productive and a reward in itself. The MA gave me an ample panorama to work on cultural management and a new set of skills to develop cultural projects. I am forever grateful and productively so.

‘This was, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. I learnt from and cherished the cultural and educational experience of my peers. I had the chance to learn from teachers that opened new pathways of cultural knowledge and this contributed to enhance and widen my professional horizon.’