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Alessandra De Zottis

Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics
Alessandra De Zottis

City helped me take my career to the next level and the support I received made it possible to confidently move to London and start a new chapter.

UK Power Reserve

UK Power Reserve is a leading provider of secure, flexible, low carbon electricity and services to the UK power market. Its fast-ramping, low-cost assets are located across England and Wales, improving competition and delivering better value to consumers.

"I chose the MSc in Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics at City, University of London because it is designed to provide students from a wide range of backgrounds with the technical understanding of the latest energy and environmental issues.

When I chose City, I was keen to use the knowledge I had developed so far to transform my career from an EU policy perspective to a business and technology-focused environment.

Thanks to City, I could transform my well-grounded knowledge of the energy field into a detailed expertise in the UK electricity market, covering in particular policy instruments concerning the changing regulatory regime, new market instruments and network charging mechanisms.

Investing in an academic development at City allowed me to complete my profile with technical energy and environmental understanding. This enabled me to successfully land my dream job at a leading UK distributed energy company, and to tackle with confidence the upcoming challenges of guaranteeing sustainable, competitive and secure energy mix in the UK.

Coming from a legal background, the highly technical aspects of the course have been a real challenge. At City I had the possibility to grow and be supported by professors in developing a broad-ranging and robust skill set, and to succeed in a technical field that was new to me.

The structure and style of the course is perfect for someone who has already started a career: it gave me access to industry experts coming from leading energy companies and the teaching schedule allowed me to work part-time at the World Energy Council, where I have been conducting research into several electricity market designs determining national resilience strategies.

I also very much appreciated the diverse range of backgrounds of my fellow students, as it added to such an enriching experience both from the academic and personal point of view. Through the course I also had access to the Energy Institute, through which I met and established fantastic friendships with other young energy professionals.

City, University of London truly helped me take my career to the next level and the support I received made it possible for me to confidently move to London and start an exiting new chapter in my life. In return to this support, I come back to lecture the new generations of the MSc Energy and Environmental Technologies and Economics, hoping to inspire students to take the extra challenge."

Alessandra, as Regulatory Affairs Manager at UK Power Reserve, is playing a key role in contributing to shape UK energy policies and regulation for a balanced ad resilient electricity system. She started her career in the energy sector in Brussels, in the context of a downstream oil association.