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Contact Information


Visit Zhengzhong Sun

CG37, Tait Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Sun joined City in January 2015 as Lecturer in Aeronautics. His research activities are in the area of experimental aerodynamics. His current research is on the Unsteadiness of Transitional Boundary Layer Separation using Tomographic PIV and Infrared Thermography. His other research interests include:
- Flow control
- Turbulence
- Unsteady aerodynamics
- Wind tunnel experiment
- PIV technology

Prior to the present position, he carried out the postdoctoral research in the University of Minnesota since October 2013. His work was mainly in the NSF project of Multi-Scale 3D Observation System for Predator-Prey Interaction.

Dr Sun obtained his PhD degree in the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, his PhD research was on the micro ramp vortex generator for supersonic boundary layer control. During his PhD period, he also did a short term visiting research in the University of Texas at Arlington.

Students with strong motivations in Experimental Aerodynamics are welcomed to joined the Experimental Aerodynamics Group in the City University London.

Scholars with PhD degrees are also welcomed to carry out postdoctoral researches. We are happy to host highly motivated scholars!

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PhD, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, Oct 2009 - Sep 2012
MEng, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, Sep 2007 - Aug 2009
BEng, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, Sep 2003 - Jul 2007


Postdoctoral Associate, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Oct 2013 - Dec 2014
Visiting Scholar, University of Texas at Arlington, Feb 2012 - May 2012

Research Website

Descriptions of the active research activities can be found in our website:


Conference papers and proceedings (6)

  1. Sun, Z. and Bruecker, C. (2016). PIV Study of Flow Separations at a Forward-Facing Step
    using Long-Range Microscope.
    2016 Applied Aerodynamics Conference 19-21 July, Bristol, UK.
  2. Coelho, L., Placidi, M., Atkin, C. and Sun, Z. (2016). Experimental Investigation of a Handley Page Triple Slotted Aerofoil. 2016 Applied Aerodynamics Conference 19-21 July, Bristol, UK.
  3. Sun, Z., Bruecker, C. and Pointz, B. (2016). Transition of A Vortex Ring Visualized by 3D Scanning TomoPIV. 18th International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics 4-7 July, Lisbon, Portugal.
  4. Sun, Z., Longmire, E.K. and Krizan, D. (2014). Interactions of copepods with fractal-grid generated turbulence based on Tomo-PIV and 3D-PTV. 67th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics 23-25 November, San Francisco.
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  6. Sun, Z., Schrijer, F.F.J., Scarano, F. and van Oudheusden, B.W. (2012). PIV Investigation of the 3D Instantaneous Flow Organization behind a Micro-ramp in a Supersonic Boundary Layer.

Journal articles (11)

  1. Gan, T., Wu, Y., Sun, Z., Jin, D., Song, H. and Jia, M. (2018). Shock wave boundary layer interaction controlled by surface arc plasma actuators. Physics of Fluids, 30(5). doi:10.1063/1.5013166.
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Delft University of Technology
Thesis: Micro ramps for supersonic boundary layer control - an experimental and numerical study
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Fulvio Scarano


Northwestern Polytechnical University


Northwestern Polytechnical University