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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Zahera Harb is director of MA International Journalism and MA Media and Globalisation (Erasmus Mundus) programs. Her publications include an edited collection titled “Reporting the Middle East: the Practice of News in the 21st Century” (IB Tauris 2017) and an edited collection with Dina Matar titled “Narrating Conflict in the Middle East: Discourse, Image and Communication Practices in Palestine and Lebanon” (IB Tauris 2013) and a monograph titled “Channels of Resistance: Liberation Propaganda Hezbollah and the Media“ (IB Tauris, 2011). She has published widely on Journalism and Politics in the Arab region. She is co-editor of Bloomsbury-IB Tauris book series with Dr Dina Matar on “Political Communication and Media Practices in the Middle East and North Africa”. She is co-editor of Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. She is Associate editor of the internationally renowned top ranking academic journal Journalism Practice.

Dr Harb has more than 11 years’ experience as a journalist in her native country Lebanon working for Lebanese and international media organisations. She started as a news reporter and distinguished herself in particular in the coverage of war operations in the battlefield of South Lebanon. She was then co-producer and presenter of a popular socio-political programme (Khamseh Ala Sabaah, 5/7) before becoming one of the main news anchors at Tele Liban (the public service TV in Lebanon). At New TV she was appointed to a news anchor-editor post and hosted the main daily political show (Al Hadath). At Future TV (Pan Arab satellite channel) she produced and presented her own socio-political program (Ala Madar Assaa) while assigned as satellite news editor. She also produced several political and social documentaries for Lebanese TV stations and completed reporting assignments for BBC Arabic service (radio), CNN world report and Dutch TV. She hosted live coverage of distinguished political events inside and outside Lebanon. She contributed regularly to the Lebanese national daily Assafir. She contributes to Aljazeera English online opinion section and other Arab publications.

Dr Harb was trained in Holland and the UK and has a BA in Journalism from the Lebanese University, a Diploma in Broadcasting News and an MA and PhD in Journalism Studies and Political Communications from Cardiff University.

Dr Harb served as member to UK broadcast regulator Ofcom content board between December 2015 and December 2018. She is board member/trustee of Ethical Journalism Network.

She has been on the consultancy board of the Thomson Foundation UK since 2007 conducting media and journalism training in the UK and other parts of the world including Egypt, Malta, Spain, Armenia, Ukraine, Brussels, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.

Dr Harb has been commended by City University London Vice Chancellor's Awards 2014 in recognition of Excellence in International Engagement.

She was finalist for Asian Women of Achievement 2018 Award.

She has been named Stanford University Humanities Centre International Fellow for 2014.

An interview with Arab media scholar Zahera Harb, Stanford Humanities Center


  1. PhD, Cardiff University, United Kingdom, 2007
  2. MA, Cardiff University, United Kingdom, 2000
  3. Diploma in Broadcasting News, Thomson Foundation/Cardiff School of Journalism, United Kingdom, Jun – Sep 1996
  4. Broadcast News Skills, BBC/Radio Nederlands, Netherlands, Jun – Jul 1995
  5. BA, Lebanese University, Lebanon, 1993

Postgraduate training

  1. PCHE-15 credits, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom, Sep 2010
  2. Small group teaching/leading Seminars, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom, Sep 2002


  1. Lecturer, University of Nottingham, Oct 2007 – Oct 2011
  2. Researcher, Cardiff University, May 2005 – May 2006
  3. Associate Tutor, Cardiff University, Jan 2005 – Jun 2007


Arabic (can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review) and English (can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review).


Geographic Areas

  • Middle East


Dr Harb research interests include Journalism cultures, war reporting, mediating conflict, representation of ethnic minorities, Journalism ethics, Citizen Jouranlism and social media and politics.

Dr Harb has taken part in three main research projects since 2002: the perception of news after September 11, the embedded reporting of the 2003 Iraq war, and immigration and inclusion in south east Wales in 2008.

Research Students

Aurora Herrera

Attendance: Oct 2016 – present

Thesis title: Defamation law in Trinidad and Tobago and its affects on journalism practices

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: PhD candidate

Aleksandra Raspopina

Attendance: Oct 2016 – present

Thesis title: RT: A Russian Viewpiont

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: PhD Candidate

Aljosha Karim Schapals

Thesis title: Sourcing Practices & Verification Challenges: A case study on journalistic decision-making processes by UK journalists during the 2011 Egyptian revolution

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: PhD

Birce Bora

Thesis title: Representation of Turkey in the British Print Media: To Be or not To Be European.

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: PhD

Taner Dogan

Thesis title: Communication Startegies of the AK Party in Turkey

Role: 1st Supervisor

Further information: PhD candidate


Books (3)

  1. Harb, Z. (2017). Reporting the Middle East: The Practice of News in the Twenty-First Century. Harb, Z. (Ed.), London: IB Tauris.
  2. Matar, D. and Harb, Z. (Eds.), (2013). Narrating Conflict in the Middle East. London: I.B.Tauris. ISBN 978-1-78076-103-9.
  3. Harb, Z. (2011). Channels of Resistance in Lebanon. I.B.Tauris. ISBN 978-1-84885-120-7.

Chapters (11)

  1. Harb, Z. (2019). Covering Regional Conflicts in Arab News: Political Loyalties and Hate Speech. In Kelly, M., Footitt, H. and Salama-Carr, M. (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Languages and Conflict Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-3-030-04824-2.
  2. Harb, Z. (2019). After the Arab Revolts: social media and the journalist in Egypt. In Price, S. (Ed.), Journalism, Power and Investigation
    Global and Activist Perspectives
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  8. Harb, Z. (2013). Mediating Internal Conflict in Lebanon and its Ethical Boundaries. In Matar, D. and Harb, Z. (Eds.), Narrating Conflict in the Middle East: Discourse, Image and Communication Practices in Lebanon and Palestine (pp. 38–57). London: IB Tauris.
  9. Harb, Z. (2012). Zahera Harb. No Woman’s Land: on the Frontlines with Female Reporters London, UK: International News Safety Institute.
  10. Harb, Z. (2009). "Grapes of Unity facing Grapes of Wrath": Objectivity and War Reporting. The Middle East in the Media: Conflicts, Censorship and Public Opinion London, UK: Saqi. ISBN 978-0-86356-658-5.
  11. Media and the Global South. In Routledge India.

Journal articles (11)

  1. Harb, Z. (2019). Challenges facing Arab journalism, freedom, safety and economic security. Journalism, 20(1), pp. 110–113. doi:10.1177/1464884918807356.
  2. Harb, Z. (2012). Arab Media. Journalism Practice, 6(3), pp. 426–427. doi:10.1080/17512786.2011.650886.
  3. Harb, Z. (2012). Review of John Mair and Richard Keeble book Mirage in the Dessert? Reporting the ‘Arab Spring’. Ethical Space: the international journal of communication ethics, 9(1), pp. 60–61.
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  9. Harb, Z. (2006). Review of Naomi Sakr’s edited book ‘Women and media in the Middle East: power through self-expression’. Social Semiotics, 16(2), pp. 390–393.
  10. Harb, Z. (2005). Review of Nicholas Jackson O’Shaughnessy’s book ‘Politics and Propaganda Weapons of Mass Seduction’. Political Communication: an international journal, 1(3), pp. 325–335.
  11. Harb, Z. (2004). Review of Eytan Gilboa’s book, ‘Media and Conflict’. Media Culture and Society, 26(4), pp. 591–595.

Reports (2)

  1. Threadgold, T., Clifford, S., Harb, Z., Arwo, A., Powell, V., Jiang, X. … Jewell, J. (2008). Immigration and inclusion in south-east Wales. YPS York Publishing Services.
  2. Harb, Z. (2004). Too Close for Comfort? The Role of Embedded Reporting During the 2003 Iraq War. British Broadcasting Corporation.


External Examining

University of Wales validated course at Modern University for Technology and Information (MTI), Cairo, Egypt
BSc (Hons) in Mass Communication (with pathways in Journalism, Public Relations & Advertising and Radio & TV Broadcasting)

Present- Swansea University
MA Comparative Journalism
MA Journalism Media and Globalisation

2011-2015 New College Nottingham (degree validated by Nottingham Trent University)
BA in Digital Media
Foundation degree in Broadcast Media

2013- External verifier MA Comparative Journalism- Swansea University.

Modules taught at City University London

MAIJ Broadcast pathway leader
Convenor of
Global Journalism
Journalism and Conflict
Dissertation Module
Broadcast Journalism
Reporting the Middle East

Modules taught at Nottingham University

Writing for the Media
Global Media and Communication
Reporting the Middle East
Political Communication, PR and Propaganda
Middle East and the Media

Modules taught at Cardiff University

Reporting the Middle East
Production of News research studies workshops

Modules taught at Swansea University

Reporting the Middle East

Guest Lecturer

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
Cardiff School of Journalism
Swansea University Media Department
De Montfort University Media Department
University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus

Other Activities

Editorial activity (6)

  1. An internationally renowned and high ranking academic journal in the field of journalism practice., Associate Editor, Journalism Practice, Jan 2018 – present.
  2. Review editor of Journal of Media Practice.
  3. Member of Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication editorial board.
  4. Member of JOMEC Online Journal editorial Board.
  5. Member of Journal of Media Practice editorial board.
  6. Journalism, theory, practice and criticism Journal, Member of editorial board.

Media appearances (11)

  1. Al Jazeera English/ The Listening Post Program.
  2. Has the notion of Media as Fourth Estate collapsed? Hosted by anb (pan Arab TV channel) A'lamat Istifham (Question Marks) weekly show (In Arabic). You can watch it here
  3. An interview with Arab media scholar Zahera Harb. Stanford University Humanities Centre youtube channel
  4. Arab Media in discussion with Dr Zahera Harb/ anb channel. In Arabic
  5. BBC Arabic Freedom Day. In Arabic
  6. Arabology program interview with Dr Zahera Harb. KZSU Stanford 90.1FM
  7. Online is the new frontline for Syrian fighters/Channel 4 news.
  8. A war of words: Iraq ten years on. A war of words: Iraq ten years on
    Dr Zahera Harb examines the language and rhetoric of the Iraq war for the BBC World Service.

    Arab media expert
  9. Access Middle East: Part One- New Media/ CNBC Channel. CNBC Channel
  10. Women on the Front/ The Al-Majalah magazine.
  11. BBC Arabic contributor Seven Days press review weekly program.

Online articles (4)

  1. Times Higher Education book review. (2014). Times Higher Education THE Book review of Watching Arabic Television in Europe: From Diaspora to Hybrid Citizens, by Christina Slade
  2. A case of ethical neglect: How journalists failed Yazidi women. (2018). Al Jazeera English
  3. Can Wikitribune combat fake news? (2017). Al Jazeera English
  4. الصحافة اللبنانية وقضية زياد عيتاني: انتهاك لألف باء المهنة. (2018). Legal Agenda Lebanon

Other (8)

  1. Ofcom Content board member.
  2. Ethical Journalism Network Trustee/board member.
  3. Marie Colvin Journalists' Network steering group member.
  4. Chair of Women on the Move Media Award championing coverage of Refugee women and their struggles.
  5. Member of the Jury Royal Television Society Journalism Award.
  6. Reviewer for these journals and Academic publishers

    Arab Studies center
    Feminist Media Studies Journal
    Journalism Practice Journal
    Journal of Media Practice
    International Journal of Media and Culture Politics
    Journal of Children and Media
    Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
    The international Journal of Press/Politics
    Media War and Conflict
    Digital Journalism
    Journalism Practice
    Journalism Studies.
  7. Review Editor of Journal of Media Practice.
  8. Regular contributor on media analysis for Assafir newspaper in Lebanon.