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portrait of Professor Stephen Cottrell

Professor Stephen Cottrell

Professor of Music

Rector and President, Department of Music

Contact Information


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ALG12B, College Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Stephen Cottrell is Professor of Music at City, University of London. He studied at the University of East Anglia, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and the Paris Conservatoire. During a freelance musical career spanning nearly two decades he earned an international reputation as a saxophonist performing contemporary music, particularly as leader of the Delta Saxophone Quartet. He later returned to academia, completing an M.Mus. in Ethnomusicology at Goldsmiths College. A British Academy scholarship facilitated doctoral studies, also at Goldsmiths, where he was subsequently awarded a PhD for ethnomusicological research into professional musicians in London.

Before joining City in 2010 he was a Senior Lecturer, and Head of the Department of Music, at Goldsmiths College, London. From 2010-15 he was Head of the conjoint Departments of Music and Culture & Creative Industries at City, and from 2013-15 also Associate Dean (International) for the School of Arts and Social Sciences. He has also held positions at Middlesex and Thames Valley Universities.


BA (Hons), MMus Ethnomusicology (with Distinction) and PhD.


Professor Cottrell's research interests fall into three inter-related areas: ethnographic approaches to musicians and music-making, particularly within the Western art music tradition; the study of musical instruments, particularly the saxophone; and the study and analysis of musical performance.

He was on the executive committee of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology from 2005-2012 and is presently on the ethnomusicology committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute. He was an associate editor of the journal Twentieth-Century Music (2008-13), and is an external advisor to the Hong Kong Research Grants Committee, and an artistic advisor to the record label Saxophone Classics.

Research Students

Jocelyn Howell

Thesis title: Wind instrument design and manufacture at Boosey & Hawkes: a corporate history

Further information: Musicology, (AHRC funded). Completed

Anna Kounadi

Thesis title: Analysing Skryabin performances on record

Further information: PhD in Performance Practice - completed

Alejandro Toledo

Thesis title: World Music, Creative Interpretation, and the East Moldavian Roma Tradition

Further information: Performance
PhD completed

Stephen Wilford

Thesis title: Musical production and consumption amongst the Algerian diaspora of London and Paris

Further information: Ethnomusicology (AHRC/City funded). Completed

Sam Mackay

Thesis title: Music, identity, and urban change in the city of Marseilles

Further information: Ethnomusicology (ARHC funded)

Jennifer Brand

Thesis title: From design to decline: Boosey & Hawkes and clarinet manufacturing in Britain, 1879-1986

Further information: Musicology (AHRC funded)
PhD completed

Emma Brinkhurst

Thesis title: Music, memory and belonging in London's King's Cross

Further information: Ethnomusicology (AHRC funded)
PhD completed

Kostas Tsahourides

Thesis title: Folk vocal techniques of Pontos and Epirus in modern Greece: A study in reflexive musical ethnography

Further information: Ethnomusicology
PhD completed

Chris Morris

Thesis title: Metal Onna-bugeisha: Japanese women and the challenge to hegemonic masculinity in heavy metal’s transnational flow

Further information: Ethnomusicology

Roya Arab

Thesis title: The female voice and musical performance in Iranian film


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Journal articles (18)

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Performances (29)

  1. Cottrell, S.J. (2003). Solo Saxophone in UK premiere of Mauricio Kagel’s Burleske. Aldeburgh festival.
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  9. Cottrell, S.J. (1996). DSQ commission: Selected Movements of Great Masters by Michael Finnissy. Premiered Huddersfield Festival..
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  11. Cottrell, S.J. (1994). Ruggero Lagana’s Red Duets for concertante saxophone and ensemble. Premiered Piccolo Teatro, La Scala, Milan..
  12. Cottrell, S.J. (1994). DSQ: Premiere of Rhythm and Blues by Gabriel Jackson. Queen Elizabeth Hall.
  13. Cottrell, S.J. (1994). Solo commission: Multiple Reeds by Rodrigo Velloso. Premiered Norwich. .
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    World Premiere of Unravel A Shining Thread by John Cooney.
    Greenwich festival.
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  26. Cottrell, S.J. (1987). DSQ commission: IN A FIX - 30’ music theatre piece by Mike Westbrook. Almeida Theatre and toured England.
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Other (13)

  1. Cottrell, S.J. (2002). The Electric Saxophone on Clarinet Classics.
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Other Activities

Online articles (2)

  1. Review of ‘Retuning Culture’ ed. Slobin, ‘Shadows in the Field’ ed. Barz/Cooley and ‘Bela Bartok: Studies in Ethnomusicology’ ed. Suchoff. (1997). BBC Music Magazine
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