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Dr Sarah Hamill


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City, University of London
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United Kingdom



Sarah joined the City Law School as a Lecturer in August 2016. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Glasgow, a Master of Laws from the University of Toronto, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Law from the University of Alberta.

Prior to joining City, Sarah was the 2015-16 Catalyst Fellow at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University in Toronto, Canada. She has also taught at the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta and the Alberta School of Business.

Her main research interests are legal history and property law.


LL.B (Hons) - University of Glasgow
LL.M - University of Toronto
Ph.D - University of Alberta


2016- present: Lecturer, the City Law School, CIty, University of London
2015-16: Catalyst Fellow, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
2014: Adjunct Professor, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta
2013-15: Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta


Journal Articles (14)

  1. Hamill, S. (2017). “The Public Right to Fish and the Triumph of Colonial Dispossession in Ireland and Canada”. University of British Columbia Law Review, 50(1), pp. 53–94.
  2. Hamill, S. (2016). “Liquor Laws, Legal Continuity, and Hotel Beer Parlours in Alberta, 1924 to c 1939”. Histoire Sociale / Social History, 49(100), pp. 581–602.
  3. Hamill, S.E. (2016). The meta-constitution: amendment, recognition, and the continuing puzzle of supreme law in Canada. Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, 16(1), pp. 28–64. doi:10.1080/14729342.2016.1244451.
  4. Hamill, S. (2016). "The Alberta Liquor Control Board and the Question of Administrative Independence, 1924-1939”. Alberta Law Review, 53(3), pp. 747–775.
  5. Hamill, S. (2015). "Common Law Property Theory and Jurisprudence in Canada". Queen's Law Journal, 40(2), pp. 679–703.
  6. Hamill, S. (2015). Prohibition Plebiscites on the Prairies: (Not-So) Direct Legislation and Liquor Control in Alberta, 1915 to 1932. Law and History Review, 33(2), pp. 377–410.
  7. Hamill, S. (2014). “Location Matters: How Nuisance Governs Access to Property for Free Expression”. University of British Columbia Law Review, 47(1), pp. 129–165.
  8. Hamill, S.E. (2012). Private Rights to Public Property: The Evolution of Common Property in Canada. McGill Law Journal, 58(2), pp. 365–365. doi:10.7202/1017518ar.
  9. Hamill, S. (2012). “Making the Law Work: Alberta’s Liquor Act and the Control of Medicinal Liquor from 1916 to 1924". Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 27(2), pp. 249–265.
  10. Hamill, S. (2012). "Judges and Religious-Based Reasoning: A Response to Ginn and Blaikie". Constitutional Forum constitutionnel, 21(1), pp. 15–24.
  11. Hamill, S. (2011). "McIvor v Canada and the 2010 Amendments to the Indian Act: A Half-hearted Remedy to Historical Injustice". Constitutional Forum constitutionnel, 19(2), pp. 75–84.
  12. Hamill, S.E. (2011). “Private Property Rights and Public Responsibility: Leaving Room for the Homeless”. Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues, 30, pp. 91–114.
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  14. Hamill, S. "Of Malls and Campuses: The Regulation of University Campuses and Section 2(b) of the Charter". Dalhousie Law Journal .


Legal Method (LL.B)
Land Law (LL.B)

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