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portrait of Professor Saqib Jafarey

Professor Saqib Jafarey

Professor of Economics

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Economics

Contact Information


Visit Saqib Jafarey

D306, Rhind Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Professor Jafarey received a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of California and a PhD in Economics from New York University.

His previous academic positions have included the University of Essex, University of Liverpool, SUNY at Buffalo, Renmin University of China, the Lahore University of Management of Science and the University of the South Pacific.


  1. PhD in Economics, New York University, United States


  1. Associate Fellow, Institute for Deveopment Economics and Alternative Systems, Mar 2014 – present
  2. Adjunct Professor, University of the South Pacific, Jan 2014 – Jan 2016
  3. Professor, Economics, City, University of London, Jul 2007 – present



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Internet publication

  1. Jafarey, S., Montes-Rojas, G. and Mainali, R. The Anticipation Effect of Marriage on Female Education: Theory and Evidence from Nepal.

Journal articles (23)

  1. Jafarey, S., Mainali, R. and Montes-Rojas, G. (2020). Age at marriage, social norms, and female education in Nepal. Review of Development Economics, 24(3), pp. 878–909. doi:10.1111/rode.12692.
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Scholarly editions (5)

  1. Jafarey, S. and Lahiri, S. (2005). Developing Country Borrowing from a Monopolistic Lender: Strategic Interaction and Endogenous Leadership.
  2. Jafarey, S. and Lahiri, S. (1999). Will trade sanctions reduce child labour? The role of credit markets.
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  4. Graca, J., Jafarey, S. and Philippopoulos, A. (1994). Interaction of Human and Physical Capital in a Model of Endogenous Growth.
  5. Jafarey, S., Kaskarelis, Y. and Philippopoulos, A. Private Investment and Endogenous Fiscal Policy. Theory and Evidence from UK and USA.

Working papers (2)

  1. Jafarey, S., Goenka, A. and Pouliot, W. (2014). Pollution, Mortality and Optimal Environmental Policy. London, UK: City, University of London.
  2. Jafarey, S. (2008). Glass slippers and glass ceilings: A positive analysis of gender inequality and marriage. London: City, University of London.

Other Activities

Editorial Activities (1)

  • Associate Editor, Bulletin of Economic Research