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portrait of Professor Rose McCabe

Professor Rose McCabe

Professor of Clinical Communication

School of Health Sciences, Division of Health Services Research and Management

Contact Information


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Rose is a psychologist specialising in professional-patient communication in mental health care. She records professional-patient encounters and micro-analyses verbal and nonverbal communication. She also works on translating these findings into novel interventions to improve communication and patient outcomes in mental healthcare. She joined City University in 2018 and leads the Centre for Mental Health Research. She previously worked in the College of Medicine and Health at the University of Exeter and was Deputy Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Services Development at Queen Mary University of London.

Her research investigates how communication may be affected by mental health problems and improving communication to improve patient centred care, patient experience and benefit from treatment. This work applies innovative methods to analyse communication in real clinical consultations, including conversation analysis, 3D motion capture and natural language processing.

Current work focuses on: nonverbal interpersonal coordination using 3D motion capture technology; involving patients and carers in decision making about treatment; how General Practitioners communicate with patients with common mental health problems; how professionals ask people about suicidal thoughts and plans; communication of a diagnosis of dementia; communication skills training to improve communication about psychosis; and a brief psychological intervention in Emergency Departments to improve outcomes for people who present with self-harm.


  1. PhD, National University of Ireland, Ireland
  2. B.A. Single Honours Psychology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


  1. Lead, Centre for Mental Health Research, City, University London, Feb 2019 – present
  2. Trustee of a Mental Health Charity, McPin Foundation, Oct 2018 – present
  3. Professor of Clinical Communication, City, University of London, Oct 2018 – present
  4. Professor of Clinical Communication, University of Exeter, Sep 2013 – Sep 2018
  5. Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London, Oct 2007 – Oct 2013

Visiting appointments

  1. Honorary Professor of Clinical Communication, University of Exeter
  2. Honorary Professor, Queen Mary, University of London
  3. Honorary Professor, Devon Partnership Trust


Conference papers and proceedings (2)

  1. Howes, C., Purver, M. and McCabe, R. (2014). Linguistic Indicators of Severity and Progress in Online Text-based Therapy for Depression. Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology: From Linguistic Signal to Clinical Reality June.
  2. Howes, C., Purver, M., McCabe, R., Healey, P.G.T. and Lavelle, M. (2012). Predicting adherence to treatment for schizophrenia from dialogue transcripts.

Journal articles (51)

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Other Activities

Editorial activity (2)

  1. BJPsych Advances, Editorial Board Member.
  2. Research on Language and Social Interaction, Editorial Board Member.

Keynote lecture/speech

  1. Communicating a Diagnosis of Dementia. East Midlands Conference Centre, Birmingham (2019). Royal College of Psychiatrists
    Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Annual Scientific Meeting