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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Rose is a research fellow in the Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research. She joined City in 2016 initially working as a research assistant on projects evaluating education for healthcare professionals working with women before and after pregnancy. She is currently working on a feasibility trial of two methods of induction of labour in an outpatient setting. Rose studied for her PhD in psychology (awarded in 2017) at the University of Sussex. Her PhD research concerned perinatal mental health screening and assessment, which remains a passion.


  1. PhD Psychology, University of Sussex, United Kingdom, Oct 2009 – Jul 2016
  2. MSc Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex, United Kingdom, Oct 2008 – Aug 2009


  1. Research Fellow (part time), City, University of London, Nov 2017 – present
  2. Research Assistant (part time), City, University of London, Oct 2016 – Jan 2018
  3. Associate Lecturer, The Open University, Apr 2011 – present



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Journal articles (9)

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