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Dr Renata Pires-Yfantouda

Lecturer in Health Psychology

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology

Contact Information


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D433A, Rhind Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Pires-Yfantouda obtained her BSc at Middlesex University, her MSc in Health Psychology at the University of Bath and her Health DPsych at City University London. She studied her Clinical DPsych at Royal Holloway, University of London and is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a Chartered Health Psychologist.

Dr Pires-Yfantouda has experience working as an applied clinical and health psychologist in mental health, neuro-rehabilitation and clinical health settings.


Dr Pires-Yfantouda's research interests include behaviour change, particularly in relation to addictions (smoking cessation, drugs and alcohol), and acquired brain injury and chronic disease management (diabetes, chronic pain, chronic fatigue).

She is interested in the use of motivational interviewing and other types of therapy (including cognitive behaviour therapy) in relation to health behaviours and addictions.

She has a particular interest in adjustment to physical health difficulties across the lifespan.



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Conference papers and proceedings (6)

  1. Pires-Yfantouda, R. and Absalom, G. (2013). Men and smoking: An exploration of factors influencing the maintenance of smoking and smoking cessation for gay and straight men. Division of Health Psychology Conference 11-13 September.
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Journal articles (8)

  1. Brett, C.E., Sykes, C. and Pires-Yfantouda, R. (2017). Interventions to increase engagement with rehabilitation in adults with acquired brain injury: A systematic review. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 27(6), pp. 959–982. doi:10.1080/09602011.2015.1090459.
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  4. Chilton, R. and Pires-Yfantouda, R. (2015). Understanding adolescent type 1 diabetes self-management as an adaptive process: A grounded theory approach. Psychology and Health, 30(12), pp. 1486–1504. doi:10.1080/08870446.2015.1062482.
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  8. Pires-Yfantouda, R. and Evangeli, M, (2012). The Role of Psychosocial Factors in Wellbeing and Self-Care in Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes. , 1(1), pp. 1–6.

Other Activities

Editorial activity

  1. Editor - Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychological Disorders.

Events/conferences (2)

  1. A Qualitative Exploration of the Stress Phenomena within Public Health. Middlesex University (2012).
    Description: Training Mental Health Professionals in Mental Health Promotion PROMISE CONFERENCE
  2. A Model for the Adaption and Self-Management of Type 1 Diabetes During Adolescence. Stirling (2011).
    Description: UKSBM - UK society for behavioural medicine annual conference