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E222, Drysdale Building

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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Kerr was an undergraduate at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge where he was awarded a degree in Mathematics. He spent a further year on Part III of the course, getting a certificate in Advanced Studies in Mathematics (later converted into an MMath). He then went to Bristol University, studying under Dr Judy Holyer, before continuing there with a couple of post-doctoral positions and a couple of temporary lectureships. He then secured a lectureship here at City University in the Department of Mathematics.

His main research are lies in double-diffusive convection which occurs when there are two components in the fluid that affect the density, such as heat and salt. In particular he is interested in the onset of instabilities in intrinsically time-dependent background states such as the heating of a salinity gradient from an isolate vertical wall.


  1. MMath (Retrospective), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2011
  2. PhD Mathematics, University of Bristol, United Kingdom, 1989
  3. Cert of Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1983
  4. BA Mathematics, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1982


  1. Research Assistant/Associate, Lecturer, University of Bristol, 1988 – 1993


  1. Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, May 2009 – present

Memberships of professional organisations

  1. London Mathematical Sosciety, Jul 2009 – present
  2. American Geophysical Union, Jan 2006 – present


Double-Diffusive Convection

I am interested in various topics in theoretical fluid dynamics. My central interest has been in topics relating to double-diffusive convection (convection driven by density differences caused by variations in both temperature and salinity) such as determining when instabilities will be observed, and how they behave once they develop.

Instabilities in Evolving Systems

Some of the double-diffusive problems have some little understood aspects that I am actively looking into such as how instabilities form in evolving systems. This contrasts with the traditional stability analysis which often looks at instabilities that grow from a time-independent background state (or one that can be approximated as steady).
A typical problem would be the heating of a large body of water from a boundary. Initially the fluid is stable, and only subsequently goes unstable.

Research Students

Kit Yee Tang

Thesis title: Double Diffusive Convection in a Vertical Slot

Juan Faiz Talabany

Thesis title: The Onset of Double-diffusive Instability In Evolving Sidewall Heating

Elizabeth Lawal

Thesis title: Time dependent double-diffusive convective instabilities from the lateral heating of a stratified fluid layer

Zoë Gumm

Thesis title: Thermal Instabilities in an Evolving Boundary Layer at a Single Vertical Wall


Internet publication

  1. Kerr, O. (2016). Critical Rayleigh number of an error function temperature profile with a quasi-static assumption. arXiv.

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Undergraduate Teaching

In 2013-14 Dr Kerr is teaching:

MA1617 Computational Mathematics
MA2608 Numerical Mathematics

Postgraduate Teaching

Dr Kerr is teaching a module on Modelling for the London Taught Course Centre (LTCC) for PhD students in a number of London universities.