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G101, Gloucester Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



- Natalie is a Speech and Language Therapist who joined City University London as a Lecturer in 2002. She previously taught at the University of Cape Town and at Central School of Speech and Drama, and worked in various clinical positions. Her interests lie in developmental disorders of language and particularly in the Dynamic Assessment of language.

- Natalie qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist at the University of Cape Town, where she subsequently lectured in Audiology. She came to the UK in 1985 to complete an MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading. She worked in various clinical settings n child language disorder and with children with hearing losses, and tutored at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She trained in Instrumental Enrichment and Dynamic Assessment before joining City University London, and has pursued research into the application of Dynamic Assessment to the assessment of language, completing her PhD in this area in 2011. She lectures in Developmental Language Disorders and researches in DA.


BSc(Log); MA (Appl. Ling.); PhD

Administrative roles/Clinical roles

Administrative roles

- External examiner, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Clinical activity

- Independent Practice

Memberships of professional bodies



Research overview

- Dynamic Assessment of Syntax, primary project completed 2011, ongoing further data collection
- Dynamic Assessment of Bilingual children - in association with Barbara Dodd and Bernard Camilleri, initial project completed 2012, ongoing data collection
- Dynamic Assessment of Derivational Morphology, ongoing.

Research areas

Dynamic Assessment of Language


Pump Priming Grant, City University 2013

Principal collaborators

- Nicola Botting, City University London
- Barbara Dodd
- Bernard Camilleri, City University London
- Chloe Marshall, Institute of Education

Research Students

Helen Cain

Thesis title: Assessment of early communication in very young children

Further information: PhD

Hilary Lowe

Thesis title: Vocabulary intervention in adolescents with language impairment.

Gabriele Bianco

Thesis title: Dynamic Assessment of vocabulary, sentence structure and phonology in combination with other measures as a screening tool for the identification of Specific Language Impairment in early Italian-as-a-second-language learners.

Further information: External supervisor for student enrolled in MA for European Masters in Clinical Linguistics


Journal articles (6)

  1. Hasson, N. and Dodd, B. (2014). Planning intervention using dynamic assessments: A case study. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 30(3), pp. 353–366. doi:10.1177/0265659014521642.
  2. Camilleri, B., Hasson, N. and Dodd, B. (2014). Dynamic Assessment of bilingual children’s language at the point of referral. Educational & Child Psychology, 31(2), pp. 57–72.
  3. Hasson, N., Camilleri, B., Jones, C., Smith, J. and Dodd, B. (2013). Discriminating Disorder from Difference Using Dynamic Assessment with Bilingual Children. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 29(1), pp. 57–75.
  4. Botting, N.F. and Hasson, N. (2012). Dynamic Assessment of Sentence Structure (DASS): design and evaluation of a novel procedure for the assessment of syntax in children with language impairments. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 47(3), pp. 285–299.
  5. Hasson, N. and Botting, N. (2010). Dynamic assessment of children with language impairments: A pilot study. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 26(3), pp. 249–272. doi:10.1177/0265659009349982.
  6. Hasson, N. and Joffe, V. (2007). The Case for Dynamic Assessment in Speech and LAnguage Therapy. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 23(1), pp. 9–25. doi:10.1177/0265659007072142.


SL2006 2nd year BSc SLT Professional Studies

Module Leader
Clinical tutor for group of students

SL1006 1st Year BSc SLT Professional Studies

Clinical Tutor for group

SLM009 Speech Language and Communication Needs

Post graduate module
Lecturer in Developmental Language Impairment

SL3003 Speech Language and Communication Needs

Lecturer in Developmental Language Impairment

Other teaching expertise

LARSP taught to under and post graduate SLT students
Dynamic Assessment taught to Masters students

Language Development previously lectured

Other Activities

Events/conferences (5)

  1. RCSLT conference. Leeds, UK (2014).
    Description: Presentation of 2 posters:
    Asking clinicians to try research procedures: An Investigation into the reliability and validity of Dynamic Assessments of Language

    Dr Natalie Hasson (, Dr Bernard Camilleri, Mrs Elizabeth Kunka

    Dynamic assessment of morphological analysis: A UK based Study.
    Natalie Hasson*, Lisa Nash*, Beth Cubie*, Awurabena Kessie* and Chloe Marshall
  2. EARLI conference symposium. Munich (2013).
    Description: From the concept of ZPD to the practice of dynamic assessment
  3. City University Seminar. London (2013).
    Description: Getting Involved in Dynamic Assessment
  4. International Association for Cognitive and Educational Psychology, International Conference. Boston (2011).
  5. Child Language Seminar. City University London (2010).

Online article

  1. Child Language Teaching and Therapy Podcast 5: Nicola Botting discusses the dynamic assessment of preschoolers proficiency in learning English (DAPPLE) with Natalie Hasson and Bernard Camilleri, two of the authors of the article published in volume 29 issue 1. (2013). Child Language Teaching and Therapy