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portrait of Dr Minna Vuohelainen

Dr Minna Vuohelainen

Lecturer in English

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of English

Contact Information


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ALG03, College Building


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Minna joined City in August 2016 and teaches on the BA English programme. Her teaching is underpinned by a strong commitment of interdisciplinarity, derived from her past studies and ongoing research.

Minna’s primary research interests lie in fin-de-siècle popular and print culture and publishing history (c. 1880-1920), genre studies (particularly gothic and crime), London literatures, spatial theory, and the medical humanities; twentieth-century conflict literature is a significant secondary interest. Recent publications include a monograph on popular author Richard Marsh (University of Wales Press, 2015), a co-edited collection of essays on the Italian Holocaust survivor Primo Levi (Palgrave, 2015), and a critical edition of Marsh’s Judith Lee detective stories (Valancourt, 2016). Minna is currently working on a co-edited essay collection on Marsh and a monograph on Thomas Hardy and the gothic.


  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Research Degree Supervision, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom, 2009
  2. Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning Support in Higher Education, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom, 2009
  3. PhD English ('The Popular Fiction of Richard Marsh: Literary Production, Genre, Audience’), Birkbeck, University of London, United Kingdom, 2007
  4. MA English (Twentieth-Century Studies), King's College London, United Kingdom, 2001
  5. BSc International History, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom, 2000


  1. MA Programme Leader/ Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Edge Hill University, 2007 – 2016
  2. Lecturer / Associate Lecturer in English, University of Derby, 2006 – 2007
  3. Associate Tutor/ Graduate Teaching Assistant, Birkbeck, University of London, 2003 – 2007


Geographic Areas

  • Europe


Research interests

• Literature, cultural history and popular culture, c. 1880-1920
• Print culture, c. 1880-1920
• London literatures, urban studies, spatial theory
• Genre: gothic and crime fiction
• The medical humanities: disability, alcoholism
• ‘Richard Marsh’ (1857-1915)
• Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)
• The literature of conflict

Forthcoming publications

• Re-Reading the Fin de Siècle: Richard Marsh, Popular Fiction and Literary Culture, co-edited with Victoria Margree and Daniel Orrells (Manchester University Press, 2017)
• ‘University Gothic, c. 1880-1910’, in Gothic Britain, edited by Ruth Heholt and William Hughes (University of Wales Press, 2017)
• ‘Judith Lee’, in 100 Greatest Literary Detectives, edited by Eric Sandberg (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017)
• ‘Richard Marsh', 'Strand Magazine, 'Alcoholism’, 'Carmilla', in The Companion to Victorian Popular Fiction, edited by Kevin Morrison (McFarland, 2018)
• Special issue of Victorian Periodicals Review on the Strand Magazine, co-edited with Emma Liggins (2019)

Current research

• Thomas Hardy and the gothic
• Spatial tropes in Thomas Hardy's poetry
• Disability in fin-de-siècle fiction
• Alcohol and alcoholism in fin-de-siècle literature and culture


Books (6)

  1. Marsh, R. (2016). The Complete Judith Lee Adventures. Vuohelainen, M. (Ed.), Richmond, VA: Valancourt Books. ISBN 978-1-943910-22-9.
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Chapters (4)

  1. Vuohelainen, (2015). ‘The Concentrationary Universe: Primo Levi’s Spatial Consciousness'. In Vuohelainen, M. and Chapman, A. (Eds.), Interpreting Primo Levi: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (pp. 129–145). New York: Palgrave US. ISBN 978-1-137-44233-8.
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Internet Publication

  1. Vuohelainen, M. (2009). ‘Richard Marsh’, Victorian Fiction Research Guide 35..

Journal Articles (7)

  1. Vuohelainen, M. (2014). 'Bernard Heldmann and the Union Jack, 1880-83: The Making of a Professional Author'. Victorian Periodicals Review, 47(1), pp. 105–142. doi:10.1353/vpr.2014.0010.
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    [publisher’s website]

  5. Vuohelainen, (2008). ‘“Tales and Adventures”: G.A. Henty’s Union Jack and the Competitive World of Publishing for Boys in the 1880s’. Journal of Popular Narrative Media, 1(2), pp. 183–196.
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  7. Vuohelainen, (2006). ‘Richard Marsh’s The Beetle (1897): A Late-Victorian Popular Novel’. Working With English: medieval and modern language, literature and drama, 2(1), pp. 89–100.


BA English


EN1001 Fundamentals of Analysis and Criticism
EN1002 Literature in Historical Context
EN1003 Reading London