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portrait of Dr Michael Saker

Dr Michael Saker

Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology

Contact Information


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Michael is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications. His research examines digital media technologies and digital cultures along two interconnected lines of enquiry. First, he is interested in the physical, spatial and social consequences of emerging mobile media in urban environments. He is particularly interested in the role locative applications might play in place-making practices and perceptions of urban space. Second, he is fascinated by the broader impact digital media technologies are having on society. As a corollary to this, he is also interested in the transformation of everyday life into data, and how this transformation might lead to new methodological ways of examining the emergent effects of digital media. Broadly speaking, then, Michael's research revolves around digital media technologies and digital cultures, in the context of media and communications. More specifically, he specialises in theories of digitality, often focusing on locative applications, their role in place-making practices and the mediation of daily life.

Michael is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton, as well as a Convenor for the British Sociological Associations (BSA) Digital Sociology Study Group.


  1. PGCLTHE, Southampton Solent University, Southampton, United Kingdom, Oct 2017
  2. PhD (fully-funded), University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom, Oct 2017 – Nov 2014
  3. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Higher Education Academy, York, United Kingdom, Mar 2014
  4. MA Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom, Oct 2004 – Oct 2005
  5. BA (Hons) Media Culture and Communication, University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom, Sep 2001 – Jul 2004


  1. Senior Lecturer Broadcasting and Digital Creative Industries, Southampton Solent University, Southampton, Sep 2015 – Aug 2017
  2. Lecturer Broadcasting and Digital Creative Industries, Southampton Solent University, Southampton, Sep 2014 – Aug 2015



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Conference papers and proceedings (5)

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Journal articles (8)

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