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portrait of Merili Pullerits

Merili Pullerits

Research Associate

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology

Contact Information


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Merili Pullerits joined the Violence and Society Centre at City, University of London in July 2019. Her research areas of interest are domestic violence and coercion, and trafficking in human beings. Merili is also a Research Student in the Department of Sociology where she started her degree in October 2019. For her research project she is using Crime Survey for England and Wales data to examine the relationship between physical violence and non-physical coercion in domestic relationships.

Prior to joining the Violence and Society Centre, Merili worked as a Researcher in the Crime and Justice team at NatCen Social Research. She worked on a range of research projects for various crime and justice related national agencies, and was involved in all stages of the research projects, including: research design, participant recruitment, data collection, analysis and report writing for both qualitative and quantitative research projects.


Reports (8)

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  2. Pullerits, M., Piggott, H., Turley, C., DeMarco, J., Ghezelayagh, S., Tann, J. … Wedlake-James, T. (2020). Successes and challenges of delivering hate crime community projects. Home Office.
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  6. Pullerits, M., Turley, C., Gates, S. and DeMarco, J. (2019). Public Perceptions of Extremism: Interim summary report. Commission for Countering Extremism.
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