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My academic research has covered many aspects of the sustainability of the UK's food system, looking especially at what is meant by (and done about) the social aspects of sustainability. I currently work at the Food Research Collaboration, based at the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London. The FRC aims to catalyse change by making academic research accessible and available to civil society groups and entrepreneurs working for a more sustainable food system. We look at the three biggest contemporary food challenges -- climate change, Brexit and most recently the impacts of Covid-19 -- to understand the threats and opportunities for people and businesses working for a more green, healthy and fair food system. We identify policies that can help or hinder progress, and try to share all our findings as widely as possible. There is more information at the FRC website, I previously worked for many years as a journalist, and have also worked at Sustain (the alliance for better food and farming) and for the New Economics Foundation.


  1. PhD, Centre for Food Policy, City, Uiversity of London, United Kingdom, 2010 – 2017
  2. MA, Centre for Food Policy, Thames Valley University, United Kingdom, 2000 – 2003
  3. MA, Somerville College, Oxford University, United Kingdom, 1975 – 1978


  1. Research Fellow, City, University of London, Mar 2018 – present
  2. Research Fellow, University of Hertfordshire, Jun 2017 – Sep 2018
  3. Journalist and researcher, Various, 1978 – present


Geographic Areas

  • Europe


Chapters (3)

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Journal articles (2)

  1. Sharpe, R. and Barling, D. (2019). ‘The right thing to do’: ethical motives in the interpretation of social sustainability in the UK’s conventional food supply. Agriculture and Human Values, 36(2), pp. 329–340. doi:10.1007/s10460-019-09924-3.
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Reports (8)

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  1. Sharpe, R. ‘A piecemeal way to save the world': Investigating social sustainability in the UK's conventional food supply. (PhD Thesis)

Other (2)

  1. Reynolds, C., Isaacs, A., Neve, K., Pereira, L., Sharpe, R. and Wells, R. (2020). Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London response to the EFRA committee enquiry COVID-19 and food supply.
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