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City, University of London
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United Kingdom



Dr Kelly Parsons is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Centre for Food Policy. Her work focuses on integrated food policy: what it means, and how it can be done in practice. She is currently funded by Wellcome to produce a series of briefing papers on integrated food policy and its practical application. The project involves exploring connections in the food system, in policy, and in governance, at multiple scales, from local urban food policy integration, to the global level.

Kelly is also lead researcher on the Food Research Collaboration’s workstream on Rethinking UK Food Governance, which aims to develop a vision for a new model of food governance in the UK. This research explores what governance is needed for a more integrated and inclusive approach to food across government, by investigating how food policy is currently made in the UK, and draws on Kelly’s earlier work on how governance structures can act as barriers to more integrated approaches. Her PhD thesis was a historical institutionalist analysis of two attempts to create a national cross-government food policy: the UK’s Food Matters/Food 2030 (2008-2010); and the 2010-13 National Food Plan in Australia. The research involved a comparative account of two country approaches to food policy and governance, and their historical roots, and an analysis of how integration was conceived and applied in two integration projects.

She is particularly interested in how institutional structures shape food policy, and how concepts such as integration, governance and food systems are defined and applied in both research and policymaking, and the implications for creating a more connected approach to food policy.

Prior to her PhD Kelly worked in civil society, for Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming; and as a writer, editor and researcher specialising in food law and policy.


  1. Introductory Certificate in Academic Practice, Higher Education Academy, United Kingdom, Apr 2016
  2. PhD, City, University London, United Kingdom, Oct 2012 – Feb 2018
  3. MSc Food Policy, City, University London, United Kingdom, Oct 2010 – Oct 2011
  4. BSc Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom, Sep 1994 – Jul 1997


  1. Undergraduate Teacher, City, University London, Sep 2015 – Jan 2016
  2. Visiting Lecturer, City, University London, Jul 2015 – present
  3. Editor and Project Officer, Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming, Sep 2010 – Apr 2014
  4. Food law and policy writer; editor; researcher, Freelance, Jun 2008 – Apr 2014



  1. Parsons, K., Barling, D. and Lang, T. (2018). UK Policymaking Institutions and Their Implications for Integrated Food Policy. Advances in Food Security and Sustainability (pp. 211–251). Elsevier. ISBN 978-0-12-815197-6.

Journal article

  1. Appelqvist, I. and Parsons, K. (2014). From mining boom to dining boom. Food Australia, 66(1), pp. 24–27.


  1. Parsons, K. and Hawkes, C. (2018). Connecting food systems for co-benefits: how can food systems combine diet-related health with environmental and economic policy goals? Denmark: WHO.