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portrait of Jeffrey Thomson

Jeffrey Thomson

Lecturer in Law

The City Law School, Academic Programmes

Contact Information


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F311, Whiskin Street Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Jeffrey is a Lecturer in Law. His research focuses on English commercial law in the early-modern period. His PhD thesis examines marine insurance law in England in the seventeenth and early-eighteenth centuries. He also writes on modern English contract, maritime, insurance and tort law issues.

Jeffrey teaches contract law and tort law at The City Law School.

Jeffrey also undertakes advisory work as a barrister (England and Wales), specialising in marine and energy insurance and reinsurance, shipping and international trade, and commercial disputes more generally.


  1. Associate Fellow, Advance HE, UK, 2018
  2. Maîtrise en droit privé, Université de Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne), France, Sep 1999 – May 2003
  3. LLB, King's College London, United Kingdom, Sep 1999 – May 2003
  4. BCom, McGill University, Canada, Sep 1996 – Apr 1999


  1. Barrister (self-employed), Hardwicke, Jun 2020 – present
  2. Supervisor in Tort Law, Fitzwilliam and Trinity Colleges, Cambridge, Oct 2015 – May 2017
  3. Senior associate (barrister), Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, Nov 2011 – Sep 2014
  4. Senior associate (barrister), Barlow Lyde & Gilbert LLP, Apr – Oct 2011
  5. Visiting tutor, King's College London, Oct 2007 – May 2008
  6. Barrister (self-employed), Hardwicke, Aug 2006 – Apr 2011
  7. Visiting lecturer, King's College London, Oct 2003 – May 2004

Memberships of professional organisations

  1. Member, British Insurance Law Association, Nov 2019 – present
  2. Supporting member, London Maritime Arbitrators Association
  3. Member, Chartered Insurance Institute


French (can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review).


Books (2)

  1. Reed, P. (2018). Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance. London: Sweet & Maxwell. ISBN 978-0-414-05756-2.
    (Thomson, J., Contributor)
  2. Reed, P. (2016). Construction All Risks Insurance. London: Sweet & Maxwell. ISBN 978-0-414-05653-4.
    (Thomson, J., Contributor)

Chapters (2)

  1. Thomson, J. (2020). A history of English marine insurance law: merchants, their practices, the courts, and the law. In Myburgh, F. and Hutchison, A. (Eds.), Research Handbook on International Commercial Contracts (pp. 196–222). Edward Elgar. ISBN 978-1-78897-105-8.
  2. Thomson, J. and Clark, J. (2010). Exclusions of liability. In Thomas, R. (Ed.), The carriage of goods by sea under the Rotterdam Rules (pp. 141–162). London: Lloyd's List Law. ISBN 978-1-84311-893-0.

Conference papers and proceedings (5)

  1. Thomson, J. (2019). Early-modern readings on usury. Oxford Legal History Forum 12 November, New College, University of Oxford.
  2. Thomson, J. (2019). Que serra userie punye per lestatute? An examination of Readers' cases on usury. Centre for English Legal History Seminar 19 February, University of Cambridge.
  3. Thomson, J. (2017). Some Early-Modern Readings on Usury. London Legal History Seminar 15 December, IALS / University of London.
  4. Thomson, J. Merchant practices and understandings relating to marine insurance and the common law before Lord Mansfield. British Legal History Conference 2017 London.
  5. Thomson, J. Observing a dying tradition: John Vincent's Reading at Gray's Inn, 1668/9, on the Merchants' Assurances Act 1601. American Society for Legal History Annual Meeting 2016 Toronto.

Journal articles (8)

  1. Thomson, J. (2019). Constructive total loss—The diminishing importance of the prudent uninsured owner. Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, 2019(4), pp. 489–495.
  2. Thomson, J. (2019). Defining exceptions for inherent vice. Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, [2019](2).
  3. Thomson, J. (2018). No limit to the scope of doctors' liability for failures to warn? Journal of Professional Negligence, 34(2), pp. 96–100.
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  6. Thomson, J. (2010). Insurance [comment on Goldsmith Williams v Travelers]. Journal of Business Law, (4), pp. 363–370.
  7. Thomson, J. (2010). Review of Professional Indemnity Insurance, by Mark Cannon QC and Brendan McGurk. Journal of Business Law, (8), pp. 751–753.
  8. Thomson, J. (2009). Material changes in risk, or the importance of functioning sprinklers: Ansari v New India Assurance Ltd. Journal of Business Law, (5), pp. 508–514.

Other Activities

Online articles (5)

  1. Clarity on broker changes. (2013). Insurance Day
  2. The due diligence proviso — is simple negligence enough? (2012). Insurance Day Co-authored with C Zavos
  3. Reliance on AIS blinds ferry master to safety risk. (2011). Lloyd's List
  4. Yeganeh ruling adds fuel to fraudulent claims fire. (2010). Insurance Day Co-authored with D Pliener
  5. Golden Victory has long-term consequences. (2007). Lloyd's List Co-authored with J Passmore