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portrait of Dr Evangelia Kalyvianaki

Dr Evangelia Kalyvianaki

Lecturer in Cloud Computing

School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering, Department of Computer Science

Contact Information


Visit Evangelia Kalyvianaki

A309 H2, College Building


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the School of Informatics at City University London. My research interests are in cloud computing and software and systems engineering. Before joining City University London, I was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Computing, Imperial College London. I obtained my PhD from the Computer Laboratory (SRG/netos group) in Cambridge University. I hold a MSc and a BSc degrees from the Computer Science Department of the University of Crete, Greece.


Research interests

Cloud Computing, Data Stream Processing, Autonomic Computing, Distributed Systems and Systems Research in general. Software and Systems Engineering. Design and management of next generation, large-scale applications in the Cloud. Addressing the complexity of modern systems with mathematical reasoning.


Chapters (2)

  1. Cerviño, J., Kalyvianaki, E., Salvachúa, J. and Pietzuch, P. (2012). Adaptive Provisioning of Stream Processing Systems in the Cloud. In Kementsietsidis, A. and Salles, M.A.V. (Eds.), Workshops Proceedings of the IEEE 28th International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2012, Arlington, VA, USA, April 1-5, 2012 (pp. 295–301). IEEE Computer Society ISBN 978-1-4673-1640-8.
  2. Kleiminger, W., Kalyvianaki, E. and Pietzuch, P. (2011). Balancing load in stream processing with the cloud. In Abiteboul, S., Böhm, K., Koch, C. and Tan, K.-.L. (Eds.), Workshops Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2011, April 11-16, 2011, Hannover, Germany (pp. 16–21). IEEE ISBN 978-1-4244-9194-0.

Conference Papers and Proceedings (12)

  1. Kalyvianaki, E., Fiscato, M., Salonidis, T. and Pietzuch, P. (2016). THEMIS: Fairness in federated stream processing under overload. .
  2. Birke, R., Bjoerkqvist, M., Kalyvianaki, E. and Chen, L.Y. (2016). Dslash: Managing Data in Overloaded Batch Streaming Systems. .
  3. Filieri, A., Maggio, M., Angelopoulos, K., D'Ippolito, N., Gerostathopoulos, I., Hempel, A.B., Hoffmann, H., Jamshidi, P., Kalyvianaki, E., Klein, C., Krikava, F., Misailovic, S., Papadopoulos, A.V., Ray, S., Sharifloo, A.M., Shevtsov, S., Ujma, M. and Vogel, T. (2015). Software Engineering Meets Control Theory. .
  4. Fernandez, R.C., Migliavacca, M., Kalyvianaki, E. and Pietzuch, P. (2014). Making State Explicit for Imperative Big Data Processing. .
  5. Charalambous, T., Kalyvianaki, E., Hadjicostis, C.N. and Johansson, M. (2013). Distributed Offline Load Balancing in MapReduce Networks. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) 10-13 December.
  6. Mai, L., Kalyvianaki, E. and Costa, P. (2013). Exploiting Time-Malleability in Cloud-based Batch Processing Systems. 7th Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware (LADIS) 2-3 November.
  7. Fernandez, R.C., Migliavacca, M., Kalyvianaki, E. and Pietzuch, P. (2013). Integrating scale out and fault tolerance in stream processing using operator state management. .
  8. Fernandez, R.C., Migliavacca, M., Kalyvianaki, E. and Pietzuch, P. (2013). Scalable and fault-tolerant stateful stream processing. .
  9. Kalyvianaki, E., Wiesemann, W., Vu, Q.H., Kuhn, D. and Pietzuch, P. (2011). SQPR: Stream query planning with reuse. .
  10. Kalyvianaki, E., Charalambous, T. and Hand, S. (2009). Self-adaptive and self-configured CPU resource provisioning for virtualized servers using Kalman filters. .
  11. Kalyvianaki, E. and Lu, Y.-.E. (2006). Daedalus: Statistical Aggregation for Large-Scale Dynamic Networks. .
  12. Kalyvianaki, E. and Pratt, I.A. (2004). Building Adaptive Peer-To-Peer Systems. .

Journal Articles (5)

  1. Jelasity, M. and Kalyvianaki, E. (2016). Preface. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 9687 .
  2. Kalyvianaki, E., Charalambous, T. and Hand, S. (2014). Adaptive resource provisioning for virtualized servers using kalman filters. ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, 9(2) . doi:10.1145/2626290.
  3. Charalambous, T. and Kalyvianaki, E. (2010). A min-max framework for CPU resource provisioning in virtualized servers using ℋ∞ Filters. CDC pp. 3778–3783. doi:10.1109/CDC.2010.5717375.

    [publisher’s website]

  4. Kalyvianaki, E., Charalambous, T. and Hand, S. (2010). Resource Provisioning for Multi-Tier Virtualized Server Applications. Computer Measurement Group (CMG) Journal, (Spring Issue 126), pp. 6–17.
  5. Katevenis, M., Mavroidis, I., Sapountzis, G., Kalyvianaki, E., Mavroidis, I. and Glykopoulos, G. (2001). Wormhole IP over (connectionless) ATM. IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 9, pp. 650–661. doi:10.1109/90.958332.

Other Activities

Editorial Activity

  1. Member of the TPC of ICAC 2014, DAIS 2014, TMA workshop (co-located with INFOCOM 2013), Shadow TPC of EuroSys 2012 and SIGMETRICS 2010, TPC of ContextQoS workshop (co-located with ICCCN 2012,2011|)..

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