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Dr Elizabeth Cook is a Lecturer in Sociology in the Violence and Society Centre, City, University of London which she joined in January 2020.

She was awarded a PhD in Criminology from the Centre of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Manchester funded by an ESRC +3 Studentship and Presidential Doctoral Scholarship Award. This research was entitled Bereaved Family Activism in the Aftermath of Lethal Violence and considered the attempts by bereaved relatives to confront their experiences of violent bereavement and engage in organised, responsive and public campaigns. The aim of this project was to better understand the experiences of those bereaved by lethal violence and consider the role of bereaved families in shaping criminal justice policy and practice. She has since worked at the University of Oxford as an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow and University of Sheffield as a Max Batley Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Elizabeth has published in the areas of family activism, fatal violence and voluntary sector responses to violence. She has just published her first monograph, Family Activism in the Aftermath of Lethal Violence, as part of the Routledge series 'Victims, Culture and Society' .

She was a 2019 Visiting Scholar at the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre, Monash University, and is currently a Research Associate at the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford.


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Chapters (4)

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Journal articles (3)

  1. Cook, E.A. (2020). Motherhood, moral authority and the charismatic matriarch in the aftermath of lethal violence. Criminology and Criminal Justice. doi:10.1177/1748895820914359.
  2. McGowan, W. and Cook, E.A. (2020). Comprehensive or Comprehensible Experience? A Case Study of Religion and Traumatic Bereavement. Sociological Research Online. doi:10.1177/1360780420978662.
  3. Cook, E.A. and Walklate, S. (2020). Gendered objects and gendered spaces: The invisibilities of ‘knife’ crime. Current Sociology. doi:10.1177/0011392120932972.

Other Activities

Events/conferences (10)

  1. American Society of Criminology Conference 2019. (Conference) San Francisco, California (2019). Chair.
    Paper: Motherhood, Moral Authority and the Charismatic Matriarch
    Author: Cook, E
  2. ESRC Festival of Social Science: The Fall and Rise of Fatal Violence in Greater Manchester. (Seminar) Manchester, UK (2019). Organising Committee.
    Paper: Family Activism
    Author: Cook, E
  3. Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre Public Seminar. (Seminar) Melbourne, Australia (2019). Invited speaker.
    Paper: Maternal Suffering in the Public Sphere: Understanding the Role of ‘Good Mothering’ Narratives in Family Activism
    Author: Cook, E
  4. European Society of Criminology Conference 2019. (Conference) Ghent, Belgium (2019).
    Paper: Family Activism and the Question of Public Criminology: Learning from the Experiences of Families of Victims of Lethal Violence
    Author: Cook, E
  5. European Conference on Domestic Violence 2019. (Conference) Oslo, Norway (2019).
    Paper: The Status of Families in the Aftermath of Domestic Homicide
    Author: Cook, E
  6. British Society of Criminology Conference 2019. (Conference) Lincoln, UK (2019).
    Paper: Maternal Activism and the Impact on Criminal Justice Policy
    Author: Cook, E
  7. British Sociological Association Death and Violence Symposium. (Workshop) Salford, UK (2019).
    Paper: Bereaved Family Activism in the Aftermath of Lethal Violence: A Case Study of Mothers Against Violence
    Author: Cook, E
  8. European Society of Criminology Conference 2018. (Conference) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2018).
    Paper: War in Peacetime: The Place of Civil Society Organisations in Patterns of Urban Violence
    Author: Cook, E
    Co-authors: Atkinson, R; Wykes, M
  9. Second Narrative Criminology Symposium. Oslo, Norway (2017).
    Paper: Using Stories to Make Sense of Suffering: The Role of Narratives in Victim-Activism
    Author: Cook, E
  10. Violence, Culture and Victimhood Symposium. (Workshop) Liverpool, UK (2017).
    Paper: Witnessing in the Aftermath of Mass Violence: Fieldwork reflections from Srebrenica
    Author: Cook, E