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David Haynes teaches on the Information Management and Policy module of the Library and Information Science programme at City University of London. He also teaches metadata standards and applications. His research interests are in metadata applications and in all aspects of information policy and governance. His doctoral work examined the relationship between risk and regulation of social media.


1978 BSc in Chemistry from the University of East Anglia
1981 MSc in Information Science from City University, London
2015 PhD in Information Science from City University, London


David Haynes is an information professional who has worked extensively in the information sector as a researcher and project manager. He has worked in the private sector as well as with local and national government. He has also consulted internationally in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa and is currently exploring academic links with institutions in Brazil.



Uses of metadata for managing information resources
Regulation of social media
Data protection and information governance


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Books (3)

  1. Haynes, D. (2004). Metadata for information management and retrieval. London, UK: Facet Publishing. ISBN 1-85604-489-0.
  2. Blake, M., Cookman, N. and Haynes, D. (1999). Teleworking Directory. The British Library.
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  1. Haynes, D. (1997). Records Management. In Scammell, A. (Ed.), Handbook of Special Librarianship and Information Work Aslib.

Conference Papers and Proceedings (4)

  1. Haynes, D. (2013). Using Knowledge Organisation to Manage Information Risk. Information - a Risky Business 25 October, London, UK.
  2. Haynes, D. (2013). The Future of Regulation. iFutures 25 July, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK.
  3. Haynes, D. and Walker, D. (2007). Empowering eProfessionals through Collaborative Working Environments. Supply Chain Working. ConstructIT, CIOB and RICS meeting Ascot, UK.
  4. Woolley, J. and Haynes, D. (2006). CILIP Survey into UK RFID implementation. RFID in Libraries Conference .

Journal Articles (7)

  1. Haynes, D., Bawden, D. and Robinson, L. (2016). A regulatory model for personal data on social networking services in the UK. International Journal of Information Management, 36(6), pp. 872–882. doi:10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2016.05.012.
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  5. Haynes, D. (2011). Social Networks in the workplace - some data protection issues. Free Pint .

    [publisher’s website]

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  7. Haynes, D. (1999). Electronic Publications: an Agenda for National Libraries and Publishers. Alexandria, 11, pp. 167–179.

Reports (2)

  1. Haynes, D., Streatfield, D., Jowett, T. and Blake, M. (1997). Responsibility for digital archiving and long-term access to digital data. JISC/NPO Studies on the Preservation of Electronic Materials. South Bank University.
  2. Carpenter, J., Davies, R. and Haynes, D. (1994). China: the market for UK library and information services and products. Grimsby, UK: ETM Ltd on behalf of the British Library.

Theses/Dissertations (2)

  1. Haynes, D. Access to Personal Data in Social Networks : measuring the effectiveness of approaches to regulation (Transfer report). (PhD Thesis)
  2. Haynes, Risk and Regulation of Access to Personal Data on Online Social Networking Services in the UK. (PhD Thesis)


  1. Haynes, D. (2008). Collaborative Working Environments. Using document management for projects and programmes.

Other Activities

Editorial Activity

  1. Editorial Board - Aslib Journal of Information Management.

Media Appearance

  1. TRT Insight interview about data privacy. Interviewed by Martin Stanford about data privacy on social media to mark Data Protection Day 2017

Online Articles (3)

  1. End of Safe Harbour isn’t the End of the World – let’s hope its successor is better. The Conversation
  2. Privacy Shield replaces Safe Harbour, but only the name has changed. The ConversationWhy the rush to replace the Safe Harbour data sharing agreement with something just as leaky? It smacks of placing transatlantic trade over European privacy.
  3. Forget the right to be forgotten, other means exist. The ConversationThe May 2014 ruling by the European Court of Justice, dubbed the right to be forgotten, is seen as a precedent for all internet searches in all European Union member states.

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