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A304D, College Building

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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



I'm a research scientist with a strong interest in natural and aritifical intelligence. After my PhD in machine learning, I've worked in several areas including visual neuroscience, computational linguistics, image processing, botanical taxonomy and most recently, online social networks and journalism. In each case, I have helped to develop robust solutions to complex, data-centred problems.


1998-2002 PhD Computer Science at University College, London. Thesis: "Intelligent Analysis of Small Data Sets for Food Design"
1997-1998 MSc Computational Intelligence (with Distinction) at Plymouth University.
1991-1994 BSc (Hons.) Cognitive Science, Class 2 (ii) from Exeter University.


April 2012-present Senior Research Fellow, Robert Gordon University & Honorary Research Fellow, City University London
July 2009-March 2012 Research Fellow, Department of Computing, University of Surrey.
March 2008-2011 Part-time visiting lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire.
July 2006-2009 Research fellow, Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL.
February 2004 - February 2006 Part-time tutor / teaching assistant for the Open and Distance Learning Unit of Queen Mary, University of London.
November 2001 - July 2006 Senior Research Fellow at University College, London, Department of Computer Science.



I am currently part of the SocialSensor consortium (FP7), researching how to find and make good use of user-generated input from online social networks. I'm part of a team researching how to find interesting news stories from the huge streams of information available through Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and other online social networks. We're collaborating with journalists from the Department of Journalism and with universities and industrial partners across Europe to produce useful, real-time software. I'm based jointly at Robert Gordon University (Senior RF) and the City University London (Honorary RF).



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