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portrait of Professor David Collins

Professor David Collins

Professor of International Economic Law, Assistant Vice President (Research/REF)

The City Law School, Academic Programmes

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G305, Gloucester Building

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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Professor David Collins teaches and researches in the field of international economic law specializing in the law of the World Trade Organization and international investment law. He is currently City's Assistant Vice President (Research/REF) and heads the City Law School's Digital Trade Research Group. David set up Start-Ed, the law school's award-winning pro bono commercial legal advice clinic for tech start-ups. He is a Solicitor of England & Wales and is admitted to the Bars of Ontario and New York.

David's research has attracted funding from the British Academy, the ESRC, the EPSRC and the Society of Legal Scholars. He is Co-Editor in Chief of the journal International Trade Law and Regulation and Series Editor for Routledge Insights on International Economic Law. He has been a visiting researcher and lecturer at many academic institutions around the world and is a member of the International Committee of the Law Society of England & Wales. In 2018 the Government of Canada nominated David to the roster of panelists for NAFTA (now USMCA) binational Trade Remedies disputes. More recently he was appointed to the Academic Advisory Council of the research and policy forum Politeia and became an output assessor for the Law sub-panel for the 2021 REF.

David is currently co-editing Elgar's Research Handbook on Digital Trade.


  1. PhD (International Economic Law), Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands, Mar 2010 – Jun 2013
  2. BCL (Bachelor of Civil Law/LLM), University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, Sep 2004 – Jul 2005
  3. MSc (Economic and Social History), University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, Sep 2002 – Jul 2003
  4. JD (Law), University of Toronto, Canada, Sep 1996 – Jun 1999
  5. BA Hon (English and History), University of Toronto, Canada, Sep 1994 – Nov 1997


  1. Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy (UK)

Memberships of committees

  1. Member, Co-Opted Member, International Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales, Aug 2009 – present

Research Students

Sekander Nayeen

Attendance: Jan 2021 – present

Thesis title: Sustainable Development in International Investment Law

Odysseus Stergianopoulos

Attendance: Sep 2020 – present

Thesis title: Counterclaims in Investment Arbitration

Role: 1st Supervisor

Chijioke Chijioke-Oforji

Attendance: Apr 2019

Thesis title: Sovereign Wealth Funds and Network Governance

Role: 1st Supervisor

Mariem Ben Slimane

Attendance: Jan 2019

Thesis title: Arab countries in the World Trade Organization

Role: 1st Supervisor

Dogan Gultutan

Thesis title: Moral Damages in International Investment Arbitration

Role: 1st Supervisor


Books (6)

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Chapters (5)

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Journal articles (39)

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Reports (7)

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Working papers (2)

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Other Activities

Editorial activity (3)

  1. Routledge Insights on International Economic Law, Series Editor, Apr 2020 – present.
  2. International Trade Law and Regulation, Co-Editor in Chief, Mar 2018 – present.
  3. Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, Board of Editors, 2010 – present.