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C126, Tait Building

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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Daniel Nankoo was born in London. He received a BEng degree in Control, Instrumentation and Systems Engineering from City University London in 1994. He continued his studies at City and in 1995 was awarded an MSc in Information Engineering. He then stayed at City as a research assistant and worked in the Control Engineering Research Centre on various projects.

In 2003, he completed an EPSRC funded PhD in Linear Systems and Control Structure Selection. After a one year break teaching English in Crete, Daniel returned to City University London in 2005 to work as a part time lecturer. He was rewarded with a lectureship in 2007.

He is responsible for delivering modules related to circuits, electronics and power engineering across undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the EEE subject area. He also teaches regualrly at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China. He is the programme direction for the MSc in Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management, as well as the undergraduate programme director for Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Avionics & Control.


His research interest involves railway systems, which include signalling, electrical traction power and traffic management systems. His ambition is to create a multidisciplinary Railway Research Centre at City University London. He already has several final year undergraduate students working in this area, where they are designing automatic signalling systems, efficient traction motor control systems, railway traffic management systems and hydrogen fuel cell powered locomotives - all of which are based at present on model trains and tracks. He hopes that one day this small scale group will develop into the real thing.


Admissions Tutor

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Course Director

Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management