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portrait of Dr Claudia Jefferies

Dr Claudia Jefferies

Senior Lecturer

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Economics

Contact Information


Visit Claudia Jefferies

D329, Rhind Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Claudia Jefferies (née de Lozanne), received her doctoral degree from the WWZ, University Basel, Switzerland in 1997. Her main fields of research are monetary and financial history. She has published on money and inflation in early modern societies. She is an active member of the community of researchers in the area of financial and monetary history. She organised an international conference at City University in April 2010.

Dr Jefferies has practitioner experience in banking and industry analysis and she teaches international trade, international finance, business economics and strategy.

Dr Jefferies is also a participant of the Damin research group, based in Paris.


Research interests

- Financial and monetary history
- Economic and business history
- History of economic thought


Books (2)

  1. Jefferies, C.D.L. (2013). Sources and Studies on Spanish 17th- Century Monetary History. Moneta. ISBN 978-94-91384-19-6.
  2. Lozanne, C.D. (1997). Geldtheorie und Geldpolitik im frühneuzeitlichen Spanien. Verlag Fur Entwicklungspolitik. ISBN 978-3-88156-691-9.

Chapters (5)

  1. Jefferies, C.D.L. (2016). Mining, market volatility and exchange rate management in early modern
    Mexico: Zacatecas and Guadalajara 1578-1669.
    Global Monetary History
    in Scientific Context
    (pp. 83–89). Wetteren: Moneta.
  2. Jefferies, C.D.L. (2015). Selective adoption of mining and minting technological innovations in Habsburg colonial Mexico: Centralist policy or exchange rate management strategy? In Depeyrot, G. (Ed.), Mints, Technology and Coin Production (pp. 149–160). Wetteren: Moneta. ISBN 978-94-91384-59-2.
  3. Jefferies, C.D.L. (2014). La crise des vellón : théories et politiques monétaires en Castille durant la première moitié du dix-septième siècle. Les Pensées monétaires dans l'histoire - L'Europe, 1517-1776 (pp. 743–784). Classiques Garnier.
  4. Jefferies, C.D.L. Silver production in 17th- century Spanish America: a preliminary analysis of its volatility, trajectory and possible effects on the Castilian monetary system. (pp. 315–324). Wetteren, Belgium: Moneta. ISBN 978-94-91384-24-0.
  5. Jefferies, C.D.L. The role of copper money within the dynamics of sovereign debt and the perception of unsound fiat money in 17th- century Spain. (pp. 91–103). Wetteren, Belgium: Moneta. ISBN 978-94-91384-24-0.


  1. Jefferies, C.D.L. La crisis española del siglo XVII y su implicación en algunos aspectos de las finanzas reales de Nueva España. (Undergraduate Dissertation)


- Undergraduate modules in International Finance and International Trade
- Postgraduate modules in Business Economics and Economics of Business Strategy