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portrait of Dr Christopher Gandrud

Dr Christopher Gandrud

Senior Lecturer of International Politics

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of International Politics

Contact Information


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



  1. Gandrud, C. (2015). Reproducible Research with R and R Studio, Second Edition. Chapman and Hall/CRC. ISBN 978-1-4987-1537-9.

Journal articles (15)

  1. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. (2018). Explaining variation and change in supervisory confidentiality in the European Union. West European Politics, 41(4), pp. 1025–1048. doi:10.1080/01402382.2017.1389421.
  2. Copelovitch, M., Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. (2018). Financial data transparency, international institutions, and sovereign borrowing costs. International Studies Quarterly, 62(1), pp. 23–41. doi:10.1093/isq/sqx082.
  3. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. (2017). The Measurement of Real-Time Perceptions of Financial Stress: Implications for Political Science. British Journal of Political Science pp. 1–13. doi:10.1017/S0007123417000291.
  4. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. (2017). Interpreting fiscal accounting rules in the European Union. Journal of European Public Policy, 24(6), pp. 832–851. doi:10.1080/13501763.2017.1300182.
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  6. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. (2016). Statistical agencies and responses to financial crises: Eurostat, bad banks, and the ESM. West European Politics, 39(3), pp. 545–564. doi:10.1080/01402382.2016.1143239.
  7. Gandrud, C. (2016). Two sword lengths apart: Credible commitment problems and physical violence in democratic national legislatures. Journal of Peace Research, 53(1), pp. 130–145. doi:10.1177/0022343315604707.
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  9. Gandrud, C. (2015). simPH: An R Package for Illustrating Estimates from Cox Proportional Hazard Models Including for Interactive and Nonlinear Effects. , 065(i03).
  10. Gandrud, C. (2015). simPH: An R package for illustrating estimates from cox proportional hazard models including for interactive and nonlinear effects. Journal of Statistical Software, 65(3), pp. 1–20. doi:10.18637/jss.v065.i03.
  11. Gandrud, C. and Grafström, C. (2015). Inflated Expectations: How Government Partisanship Shapes Monetary Policy Bureaucrats’ Inflation Forecasts. Political Science Research and Methods, 3(02), pp. 353–380. doi:10.1017/psrm.2014.34.
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  13. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. (2015). Does Banking Union Worsen the EU's Democratic Deficit? The Need for Greater Supervisory Data Transparency. Journal of Common Market Studies, 53(4), pp. 769–785. doi:10.1111/jcms.12226.
  14. Gandrud, C. (2014). Competing risks and deposit insurance governance convergence. International Political Science Review, 35(2), pp. 195–215. doi:10.1177/0192512113485333.
  15. Gandrud, C. (2013). The diffusion of financial supervisory governance ideas. Review of International Political Economy, 20(4), pp. 881–916. doi:10.1080/09692290.2012.727362.

Scholarly editions (7)

  1. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. (2015). What is a Financial Crisis? Efficiently Measuring Real-Time Perceptions of Financial Market Stress with an Application to Financial Crisis Budget Cycles.
  2. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. Bad banks in the EU: the impact of Eurostat rules.
  3. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. Supervisory transparency in the European banking union.
  4. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. Who decides? Resolving failed banks in a European framework.
  5. Copelovitch, M., Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. Financial regulatory transparency: new data and implications for EU policy.
  6. Copelovitch, M., Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. Opaque Europe: financial supervisory transparency, why it’s important, and how to improve it.
  7. Gandrud, C. and Hallerberg, M. How not to create zombie banks: lessons for Italy from Japan.

Software (4)

  1. Gandrud, simPH: Tools for Simulating and Plotting Quantities of Interest Estimated from Cox Proportional Hazards Models. CRAN.
  2. Gandrud, C. networkD3: D3 JavaScript Network Graphs from R..
  3. Gandrud, , Williams, L. and Whitten, G. dynsim: Dynamic Simulations of Autoregressive Relationships..
  4. Gandrud, C. DataCombine: Tools for Easily Combining and Cleaning Data Sets..

Other Activities

Events/conferences (9)

  1. Political Economy of Systemic Risk. (Workshop) London School of Economics (2016). Invited speaker.
    Paper: Can You Stop the Fire Before You Burn Down the Block?
    Author: Gandrud, C.
    Co-authors: Hallerberg, M.
  2. International Political Economy Society Annual Conference. (Conference) Duke University (2016).
    Paper: Predicting Self-Fulfilling Crises
    Author: Gandrud, C.
    Co-authors: Pepinsky, T.
  3. Politics of Secrecy in the European Union. (Workshop) University of Munich (2016). Invited speaker.
    Paper: Financial Supervisory Transparency in the European Union
    Author: Gandrud, G.
    Co-authors: Hallerberg, M.
  4. Capital Flows, Systemic Risk, and Policy Responses Conference. Bank of Iceland (2016).
    Description: Presenting work with Jeff Chwieroth on the political economy of macroprudential regulation
  5. Financial Crisis Workshop. Freie Universität Berlin (2016).
    Description: Presenting a draft book manuscript entitled: Keeping Costs in the Shadows: The Resolution of Financial Crisis and the Rules of the Game
  6. Workshop on Political Forecasting. University of Mannheim (2015).
    Description: Presenting work on forecasting financial crises with Thomas Pepinsky.
  7. Fiscal Policy in Europe Workshop. Texas A & M University (2015).
    Description: Presented a paper with Mark Hallerberg on the political economy of Eurostat EU member state budget revisions.
  8. International Political Economy Society 2015 Annual Conference. Stanford University (2015).
    Description: Presenting work on political budget cycles and revealing the costs of bailing out banks.
  9. American Political Science Association Annual Convention. San Francisco (2015).
    Description: I presented two papers on financial supervisory transparency and measuring financial market stress with text analysis