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M107A, Myddelton Street Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Charitini Stavropoulou joined City University in September 2014 as a Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research, in the School of Health Sciences.

Prior to joining City University Charitini has held teaching and research positions at the University of Surrey and Imperial College Business School. She has an MSc in Operational Research from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Health Policy from the London School of Economics.


  1. PhD in Health Policy, London School of Economics, United Kingdom, 2008
  2. MSc in Operational Research, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2003
  3. BSc in Business Administration and Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece, 2002


  1. Reader, City, University of London, Aug 2020 – present
  2. Senior Lecturer, City, University of London, Jan 2013 – Jul 2020
  3. Lecturer, University of Surrey, 2009 – 2013
  4. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Imperial College London, 2008 – 2009


Research Overview

Dr Stavropoulou works in the area of Health Economics with applications to health services research both in the UK and in other European countries. Her specific research interests focus on the physician-patient relationship and the impact this has on patients' decisions to adhere to medical recommendations, follow a healthier life style and get involved with their own safety. She is also interested in the effect of financial crisis on health care systems and individual behaviours.

Current Research Grants

Principal investigator
Economic evaluation of cancer innovations. Funded by The Royal Marsden. September 2016 – August 2018, £180,000.

Development of a perioperative isometric-resistance exercise intervention programme (Basic Exercise Training To Enhance Recovery - BETTER) for patients undergoing elective abdominal and thoracic surgery for cancer. Funded by Research for Patient Benefit, National Institute for Health Research. March 2015-March 2018, £262,970.

Completed Projects

Patients as active partners in safety? An exploration of the extant clinical and legal issues from the perspective of patients and their carers. Funded by the Health Foundation. June 2013-October 2015, £132,000.


Chapters (2)

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Conference papers and proceedings (2)

  1. Ziemann, A., Chen, Y., Kyratsis, Y., Stavropoulou, C. and Scarbrough, H. (2019). What makes innovations both 'stick' and 'spread'? A multidisciplinary systematic review to understand implementation depth and scale-up of innovations in healthcare.
  2. French, C. and Stavropoulou, C. (2015). Specialist nurses’ perceptions of the barriers and facilitators to inviting adult NHS patients to participate in clinical research studies: a qualitative descriptive study.

Journal articles (32)

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Educational Leadership

Module Leader for HRM001 Introduction to Research Methods

MSc Modules

HRM003 Advanced Data Analysis
HMM008 Change Management and Leadership

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Editorial activity (6)

  1. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation, Reviewer.
  2. Journal of Health Economics, Reviewer.
  3. European Journal of Health Economics, Reviewer.
  4. CESifo Economic Studies, Reviewer.
  5. Health Expectations, Reviewer.
  6. Public Management Review, Reviewer.