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M101, Myddelton Street Building

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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Bernard joined City University London as a lecturer in 2005, while completing his PhD within the Division of Language and Communication Science. Bernard is a senior lecturer and teaches on speech and literacy development and on assessment and intervention with children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

He was the Programme director for the BSc (Hons) in Speech and Language Science (formerly Human Communication) until January 2015 and takes/took over as Programme director for the PGDip/MSc in Speech and Language Therapy in January 2015. He is also module leader for "Professional Studies" (SLM005) within the first year of the PGDip/Msc in Speech and Language Therapy and the director of the "Compass Centre", the in-house teaching and research clinic of the Division of Language and Communication Science.

Bernard completed his postgraduate studies at City, University of London, first completing an MSc in Human Communication and subsequently a PhD on Dynamic Assessment of children's word learning abilities.

In 2007 Bernard was joint guest editor (together with Prof. James Law, University of Newcastle) for a Special Edition on Dynamic Assessment of the journal Advances in Speech-Language Pathology and has continued to carry out and publish research on dynamic assessment of children's language, as well as other areas related to children's language. He has also presented at a number of national and international conferences which bring together professionals from a range of disciplines including psychology and education as well as speech and language therapy.

Since qualifying as a speech and language therapist in 1995 Bernard has worked within a range of clinical settings in the UK and Malta including community clinics, language units, special schools and university clinics. Bernard specialises in the assessment and treatment of preschool children with language impairments. He has supervised students on various placements, including Outreach placements in secondary schools. He currently provides clinical tutoring and clinic visits to students on placement on the postgraduate course in Speech and Language Therapy. Through his research on dynamic assessment he is involved in the assessment of preschool children's language skills.


  1. PhD Language and Communication Science, City, University of London, United Kingdom, 2009
  2. MSc Human communication, City, University of London, United Kingdom, 2000
  3. BSc (Hons) Communication Therapy, University of Malta, Malta, 1995

Administrative roles

  1. Programme Director, BSc (Hons.) in Speech and Language Science (formerly Human Communication), 2009 – 2015
  2. Programme Director PGDip/MSc Speech and Language Therapy
  3. Director of the Compass Centre (CC) with responsibility for overseeing and coordinating the overall function and activities
  4. Member of the Division's Learning Resources Committee (LRC)
  5. Member of the Travel and Conference fund Committee (School of Health Science)

Memberships of professional organisations

  1. Health and Care Professions Council
  2. Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists


  1. City, University of London (2017) Gold prize winners - SHS Health Has Got Talent
    Thorne R, Camilleri B, O’Sullivan P (2017) Ask the Experts. A workshop with people who stammer and people who have had laryngectomy for Speech and Language Therapy and Radiotherapy Students. Health Has Got Talent. City, University of London.


English (can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review), Italian (can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review) and Maltese (can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review).


Research Areas

- Language and cognition
- Natural history of speech and language impairments
- Early identification, assessment and intervention, with a special interest in 'dynamic assessment' of children's language
- Early parent-child interaction and children's language development in hearing and deaf children

Research Centre

Bernard works within the "Developmental Assessment & Intervention Research (DAIR) "Speech, Phonology & Linguistics" and "Gesture, Deafness & Sign" Research groups with the Division of Language and Communication Science, School of Health Sciences.


Nicola Botting
Barbara Dodd
Natalie Hasson
Ros Herman
Gary Morgan
James Law


Chapters (2)

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Conference papers and proceedings (6)

  1. Camilleri, B. (2014). The Dynamic Assessment of Preschoolers' Proficiency in Learning English: Exploring teh validity of a dynamic assessment of bilingual children's language. Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Conference 2014 17-18 September, Leeds.
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Journal articles (9)

  1. Guasti, M.T., White, M.J., Bianco, G., Arosio, F., Camilleri, B. and Hasson, N. (2020). Two clinical markers for DLD in monolingual Italian speakers: what can they tell us about second language learners with DLD? Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics. doi:10.1080/02699206.2020.1830303.
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Educational Leadership

Modules taught:
Programme Director: Speech and Language Therapy PG Dip/ Speech and Language Therapy MSc
Module Leader: SLM005 Professional Studies
- SL2004 Language Sciences
- SLM003 Developmental Studies
SLM005 Professional Studies

Bernard teaches a series of lectures on Speech Development which incorporate a variety of media and teaching methods. The emphasis is on engaging the students with real child speech data (audio-visual) as well as theoretical information and involving students with discussions/activities as well as presenting information in a traditional lecture style. Assessment is carried out in the summer in exam format.

Undergraduate Modules

SL1006 Professional Studies - Clinical tutor
SL2004 Language Sciences (Speech and Literacy Development)
HC2003 Sociolinguistics (Bilingualism)

Postgraduate Modules

SLM003 Developmental Studies (Speech and Literacy Development)
SLM005 Professional Studies (Module leader)

Other teaching expertise

Developmental speech and language impairments; Research design and statistics, Psychometrics and dynamic assessment of cognition and language

Other Activities


  1. Assessing children's receptive vocabulary and word-learning potential using a dynamic assessment. London (2010).
    Description: Child Language Seminar at City University. (Paper presented)

Keynote lecture/speech

  1. Dynamic assessment of children's language: Current applications and future developments. (2011). NAPLIC Conference at the University of Warwick. (Keynote)