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Professor Andrew Jones

Vice-President Research and Enterprise

Rector and President

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A102, College Building

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City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Professor Andrew Jones is an inter-disciplinary social scientist with a background as an economic geographer. His interest in issues of globalisation has seen him contribute to studies in the fields of political science, sociology and management studies. His research focuses on global economy, including firms, governing organisations and the activities of key individuals.

His research has been particularly interested in how the activities of organisations relate to the ongoing development of a globalised economy. In relation to this he has investigated the working practices of staff in large 'global' organisations and what they 'do'; how they use information technology, travel and mobility strategies; the nature of global knowledge management and the way in which local contexts and places shape competitiveness. Past projects include the globalisation of investment banking, consultancy and legal industries as well as the role played by specific cities as locations for these industries.

A related but different strand to Professor Jones' research on globalisation has been concerned with the nature of other forms of 'work', and notably volunteering. In 2004 he authored a study for the UK Government's Department for Education & Skills on the nature and significance of 'gap years', leading to a further long-term project examining overseas youth volunteering projects. This work explored the impacts on volunteers and, to a lesser extent, host communities of gap-year volunteering across the globe including schemes in Tanzania, Guatemala, Belize, Australia and Vietnam. A particular focus was how the kinds of 'soft' skills developed in voluntary work are relevant to the way young people gain certain important skill-sets and abilities in an increasingly global job market.

Professor Jones' current research has returned to financial and business services, and considers in particular how globalisation in these industries is caught up in the rise and development of emerging economies, especially in Asia. At City University London, these research interests link to other groups within and beyond the School of Arts & Social Sciences. He has joined the Centre for Professional Service Firms at Cass, where a collaboration with researchers was already in place. He is also a member of the recently established City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC), hosted in City's Department of International Politics.

His most recent books include Human Geography: The Basics, published by Routledge in May 2012, and The Economic Geography of the UK and Globalization: Key Thinkers, both published in 2010.


  1. Royal Society of Arts, Jul 2015 – present
  2. Royal Geographical Society, Sep 2000 – present
  3. Academy of Social Science

Memberships of professional organisations

  1. Regional Studies Association, May 2016 – present
  2. Academy of International Business, Mar 2011 – present
  3. Association of American Geographers, Sep 2000 – present


Research areas

- Globalisation, particularly in relation to the nature of firms and work practices
- Financial and business service industries and their role in the global economy
- Voluntary work and its relationship to international development
- International labour migration and mobility
- Critical social theory and the relationship between politics, the academy and policy development
- Urban and regional economies and policy


Books (6)

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Internet publications (2)

  1. Jones, A. (2004). Review of John Dunning & Gavin Boyd’s (2003) ‘Alliance Capitalism and Corporate Management.
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Journal articles (30)

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Reports (4)

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Working paper

  1. Jones, A. (2013). (Re)Conceptualising the Space of Markets: The case of the 2007-9 global financial crisis. London, UK: Department of International Politics, City University London.

Other (5)

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Other Activities

Keynote lectures/speeches (25)

  1. Conceptualising Green Business Services. Aix en Provence, France (2013). RESER Annual Conference (paper)
  2. Equity investment and the Complexity of Financing Global Production Network. London (2013). RGS IBG Annual Conference (paper)
  3. Translation, mediation or something more? The role of Chinese world cities in global managerial practices. Kyoto, Japan (2013). IGU Regional Conference (paper)
  4. The South Korean ‘Free Semester’ Programme: Lessons from the UK Gap Year Experience. Seoul, South Korea (2013). Keynote to South Korean Education Ministry & Policy Think Tank
  5. Understanding the Rise of Business Services in Asia. Leibniz Centre for Regional Restructuring. Berlin (2013). Invited Keynote, Leibniz Insitute for Regional Science, Workshop on business services
  6. The Global Asset Management Industry and China: the impact of foreign firms on local practices and institutional context. San Francisco, USA (2013). AAG Annual Conference (paper)
  7. The Rise of Chinese Business Services Centre for Urban and Regional Development (CURDS). Newcastle, UK (2013). Seminar, Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
  8. Economic Geographies of Volunteering. Newcastle, UK (2012). Keynote; RGS IBG DARG Workshop Development Imaginaries and Contesting North South Encounters
  9. Globalization, Cities and the Rise of Global Work. Lougborough, UK (2012). 14th GaWC Annual Lecture
  10. International Business and Economic Geography. Liverpool, UK (2012). Academy of International Business UK conference
  11. BRICS and Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS): A Pressing Theoretical and Empirical Agenda. New York, USA (2012). Association of American Geographers Annual Convention; with Patrik Strom
  12. After Relationality: Future Directions for Economic Geography. Seoul, South Korea (2011). 3rd Global Conference on Economic Geography
  13. 'Spatial Performances of Power in Global Finance: The Case of 'Sovereign Debt Crises' and 'Currency Wars'. Seattle, USA (2011). Association of American Geographers Annual Convention
  14. Reframing the Spatiality of Practice Communities. Washington DC, USA (2010). Association of American Geographers Annual Convention
  15. Global Managerial Practices in Business Services. Tokyo, Japan (2010). Association of Japanese Geographers
  16. New Geographies of Global Managerial Practice. Kyoto, Japan (2010). Spaces of International Management Symposium
  17. Capturing and Cultivating Expertise in the Sub-Global City: The case of Belfast. Manchester, UK (2009). RGS-IGB Annual Conference, Royal Geographical Society
  18. Rethinking the Geography of the UK Economy. London, UK (2008). RGS- IGB Annual Conference, Royal Geographical Society
  19. Telling 'Global Stories': Improvisation & local adaptation by strategy consultants in giving professional advice. Budapest, Hungary (2008). International Institute of Sociology (IIS) 38th Congress
  20. The Limits to Theories of Economic Practice. Boston, USA (2008). Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting
  21. Conceptualising Mobility in Business Service Sector Work. Ghent, Belgium (2008). Colloquium on Business Travel
  22. Overseas Gap Years and Emergent Transnationalism: training for global (corporate) work? London, UK (2007). RGS-IBG Conference
  23. Theorising face-to-face interaction in the global corporation - toward a conceptual framework. Beijing, China (2007). Second Global Conference on Economic Geography
  24. Theorising global economic practices: the ongoing challenge of using an actor-network approach. San Francisco, USA (2007). Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting
  25. Overseas Volunteering, Gap Years and Development: Making Sense of the Debate. Guildford, UK (2007). BSA Youth Group Gap Year Seminar