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Contact Information


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MLGO2, Myddelton Street Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Allison has a radiography background, specialising in Ultrasound. She joined City University London in 2009 as a part-time lecturer and Clinical Co-ordinator for the Ultrasound programme. Allison has worked in many Hospitals in London and Essex and still works clinically in the private sector in Essex.

Allison initially worked at Colchester Hospital and studied at Ipswich School of Radiography. After qualifying she moved to the Royal London Hospital, but left to train as a sonographer at St Georges' Hospital. After qualifying and working in Kent she returned to London, working at St Thomas' Hospital, whilst there she continued her education by taking the HDCR at the Royal Free School of Radiography.

Since that time she has worked as a sonographer in all clinical areas with training responsibilities for student sonographers since 1995 until 2009 across two Essex Hospitals during this time she successfully campaigned for the recognition of the sonographers as Advanced Practitioners.

She is the clinical co-ordinator for the ultrasound programme and leads the Gynae Module.




- 1991 HDCR
- 1984 DMU
- 1980 DCR

Clinical activity

- Springfield Medical Centre, Chelmsford Gynaecology, Subfertility, Early pregnancy, Abdominal and MSK Ultrasound for OCS Ltd.

Memberships of professional bodies

- College of Radiographers


Research overview

Allison is currently looking at the forces used to grip the ultrasound probe and how this can be reduced to improve the ergonomics of scanning.

Research areas

- Ergonomics

Principal collaborators

- Gill Harrison


  1. Harrison, G. and Harris, A. (2015). Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in ultrasound: Can you reduce risk? Ultrasound, 23(4), pp. 224–230. doi:10.1177/1742271X15593575.

Conference papers and proceedings (2)

  1. Harris, A. and Harrison, G. (2017). Games with Aims. HEA Annual Conference 2017 Generation TEF: Teaching in the spotlight 4 July, Manchester, UK.
  2. Harris, A. (2015). Case Presentation: LUTS in a 74 year old woman. British Medical Ultrasound 9-11 December, Cardiff.

Internet publication

  1. Harris, A. Image Interpretation - Obstetric Ultrasound: Head and Brain. e-learning. e-learning for healthcare / Health Education England. 01 Sep 2013 (Internet publication).

Journal articles (4)

  1. Harris, A., Harrison, G. and Flinton, D. (2018). Can Teaching Ultrasound Ergonomics to Ultrasound Practitioners Reduce White Knuckles and Transducer Grip Force? Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography pp. 1–7. doi:10.1177/87564793187583.
  2. Harrison, G., Harris, A. and Flinton, D. (2018). Can Teaching Ultrasound Ergonomics to Ultrasound Practitioners Reduce White Knuckles and Transducer Grip Force? Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. doi:10.1177/8756479318758324.
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Posters (2)

  1. Harrison, G. and Harris, A. Games with Aims. HEA Annual Conference 2017 Generation TEF: Teaching in the spotlight., 2017.
  2. Harrison, G. and Harris, A. Games with Aims. Achieving Excellence in Radiography Education and Research Conference, 2016.


Modules taught on

- RDM030 Gynaecology Ultrasound
- RDM031 Obstetric Ultrasound
- RDM004 Fundamental Principles of Ultrasound
- RD2023 Principles of Imaging in Practice 2

Other Activities

Events/conferences (8)

  1. Postgraduate ultrasound programme: we've flipped, have you? HEA Conference. Glasgow (2016).
    Description: Inspire to succeed: Transforming teaching and learning in Health and Social Care.Presentation available from website
  2. LUTS in a 74year old woman. BMUS Conference, Cardiff (2015).
    Description: A case study presentation on a late presentation of cervical cancer; the ultrasound appearances and correlation with the follow up MRI images.
  3. Does the grip pressure used to hold an ultrasound probe change after training with an ergometer? A pilot study. BMUS, Manchester (2014).
  4. Ergonomics Workshop. BMUS, Manchester (2014).
  5. Prolapsed Pedunculated Fibroid. Telford, England (2012).
  6. Short Cervix at the Anomaly scan. Telford, England (2012).
  7. Patchwork Assessment in Ultrasound: Introduction of Another Patch. Help or Hindrance? London (2010).
    Description: Harrison, G., Mulloy, B., Harris, A
    Centre for Recording Achievement Conference
  8. Teaching the skills needed for breaking bad news in ultrasound. City University London. (2010).
    Description: Harrison G, Harris A and Mulloy B
    Teaching Clinical Skills Colloquium,


  1. e-LFH Ultrasound Module, Brain and Head