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Contact Information


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G101, Gloucester Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Abigail joined City University London in 2003 and is currently the Director of Professional Education within the department and has an overview of all aspects of professional studies including clinical placements for the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She collaborates closely with the Placements Management Partnership and University College London in order to facilitate the placement experience for the students. Abigail is also Module Leader for Social Context module for BSc first year, and teaches child language processing. Additionally, she is responsible for supervision of student research projects at the BSc Honours and MSc levels.

Abigail is a Speech and Language therapist who trained at UCL and graduated in 1991. Her area of clinical interest and expertise is children with speech and language disorders.Abigail has worked within various PCTs in the Greater London area. She operated as clinical lead for speech and language therapy to secondary schools before joining City University London in 2003. She continues to be involved in research collaboration within the university and externally with London colleagues.


BSc (Hons) Speech Sciences
MA Psychology and Education for Special Educational Needs


City, University of London from 2003
Speech and Language Therapist working within a number of London NHS Trust (1992-2003)


Award to support innovative approaches to service user involvement in healthcare education and research, 2014
Health has got talent, 2014 Silver Award
Pump priming: 'Cognitive Foundation of Verb Learning in Very Young Children', 2009/10
Teaching and learning grant, 2006
Teaching and learning award, 2005

Administrative roles/Clinical activity

Administrative roles

- Director of Professional Education
- Module Leader (Social Context)

Clinical activity

- Clinical work related to data collection for research

Memberships of professional bodies

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)
Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)


Research areas

- Evaluation of Interventions for Children with Language Impairments
- Child Language; Very Young Children's Abilities with Verbs and Syntax
- Clinical Education.

Reserch Centres

- DAIR (Developmental Assessment and Intervention Research Group)

Principal collaborators

- Lucy Dipper
- Tim Pring


Conference paper/proceedings

  1. Harding, C., Levin, A., Mynard, A., Wyles, K. and Cane, C. (2016). Oral Readiness in Preterm Infants. Poster presentation: 6th ESSD Congress - Deglutology : From Science to Clinical Practice. Milan (Italy), 13th - 15th October, 2016. 6th ESSD Congress - Deglutology : From Science to Clinical Practice. Milan (Italy), 13th - 15th October, 2016 13-15 October, University of Milan.

Journal articles (7)

  1. Harding, C. and Levin, A. (2018). Short Report: NICE Guidance for Developmental Follow – up of Children and Young People Born Preterm. Infant, 14(2), pp. 62–63.
  2. Harding, C.M., Buchari, S., Benato, R. and Levin, A. (2017). Mental Capacity Act (2005): Enabling student learning through teaching provided by service users who use augmentative and alternative communication. Communication Matters, 31(3), pp. 17–19.
  3. Morgan, S. and Harding, C. (2016). A survey of augmentative and alternative communication used in an inner city special school. British Journal of Special Education, 43(3), pp. 289–306. doi:10.1111/1467-8578.12142.
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  7. Laing, G.J., Law, J., Levin, A. and Logan, S. (2002). Evaluation of a structured test and a parent led method for screening for speech and language problems: prospective population based study. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, 325(7373), pp. 1152–1154. doi:10.1136/bmj.325.7373.1152.

Practitioners (3)

  1. (2014). In the Journals: A precis of Impact of prematurity on language skills at school Age Journal of Speech Language and Hearing research Vol 57 901-916. Bulletin
  2. (2014). Book review: A guide to clinical placements in Speech and Language Therapy Jennifer Louise Read J & R Press Ltd. Bulletin
  3. (2013). In the journals: Cocks N., Harding C., Pritchard M. (2013) The benefits of a 5 day dysphagia intensive placement International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, Early Online 1-10. Bulletin


Leadership role:

Director of Professional Education

Undergraduate modules

SL1006 BSc1 professional studies
SL2006 BSc2 professional studies
SL3004 BSc3 professional studies
SL1004 BSc1 social context (module leader)
SL3002 BSc3 language sciences child language processing
SL3007 - BSc4 Research and Evidence based practice - Dissertation supervision

Postgraduate modules

SLM005 Professional studies
SLM008 PG2 language sciences - child language processing
APM002 - research and evidence based practice (dissertation supervision)

Other Activities

Events/conferences (5)

  1. Annual Clinicians' Meeting. UCL (2014).
    Description: Co chair and organiser of the event and presented on current aspects of student clinical learning at City.
  2. Annual Clinicians' Meeting. UCL (2013).
    Description: Co chair and organiser of the event and presented on current aspects of student clinical learning at City.
  3. Therapy Ideas Live. London (2012).
    Description: Student Placements, Google campus
  4. Annual Clinician's Meeting. City University (2012).
    Description: In 2012 City hosted the Speech and Language Therapy Annual Clinician's Meeting.
    Co chair and organiser of the event and presented on current aspects of student clinical learning at City.
  5. International Clinical Skills Conference. (2009).
    Description: Case Based Learning in a Clinical Programme

Other (2)

  1. Member of London Regional Managers Network for Speech and Language Therapists
  2. Member of CREST - Committee of Representatives of Education in
    Speech and Language Therapy