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OWTNM 2015

Women in Optics

The Women in Optics workshop will throw light on prospective careers in Optics and Photonics. Our speakers (Dr. Sally Day from University College London and Rosie Cush from Oclaro) will discuss their journeys and career paths. This workshop is co-sponsored by the Optical Group and the IEEE Photonics Society.

They will give some insight into career prospects, what it takes to enter, how to do well and also explain their technical role as well.

If you would like to attend, please register here.

Proposed workshop structure:

  1. Arrival and Welcome of attendees at 11.30am
  2. Introduction 11.45am
  3. First talk and Q&A 11.50-12.30pm
  4. Lunch and networking 12.30-1.30pm
  5. Second talk and Q&A 1.30-2.10pm
  6. IoP activities and volunteer opportunities 2.10-2.30pm
  7. Networking 2.30-3.00pm
  8. Close 3pm

Speaker Biographies:

Dr Sally Day has been working in the field of liquid crystal devices and applications for the last 20 years, initially at Thorn EMI and RSRE, Malvern (now Qinetiq), then at UCL as a Royal Society University Research Fellow, where she is now a Senior Lecturer in the Photonics group. She has developed the use of liquid crystals in tunable microlenses and wavelength selective (Fabry-Perot) filters for telecom applications and as gas sensors and is investigating the use of liquid crystals in microwave and radar devices.  She has worked on liquid crystal displays, from the very small Liquid Crystal on Silicon devices, which may be used to form programmable holograms as well as near to eye displays (such as Google glass), to large area displays for architectural applications and most recently a glasses free 3D, stereoscopic display.  In addition to her research she is committed to encouraging more girls to study Engineering and in developing activities in schools that give a taste of what Engineering involves.

Rosie Cush has been a physicist and engineer in the photonics industry for over 30yrs.  In that time she has worked in research, development and manufacturing roles.   This has included collaborative research with institutions and optics based industries around the world, targeting a wide range of applications - from communications to biosensors.  In recent years she has worked in the semiconductor industry, initially as a research engineer, developing both manufacturing processes and optics based processing equipment, for manufacture of semiconductor lasers. These included both fixed wavelength and tunable lasers, for use in fibre optic transmission networks. This led on to a role in fab production engineering and then fab management.  In recent years, she has returned to a research and development role, as a project manager for photonic integrated circuit design (optoelectronic 'chips'), for new product development.

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