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OWTNM 2015


Keynote speakers

  • Professor Sir David Payne, University of Southampton
    Talk title: The extraordinary world of optical waveguides
  • Professor Yuri Kivshar, Australian National University
    Talk title: All-dielectric nanophotonics:Magnetic response, Fano resonances, functional metasurfaces, and nonlinear effects

Invited speakers

  • Professor Harald Giessen, University of Stuttgart
    Talk title: Active and reconfigurable CMOS-compatible functional complex plasmonic metasurfaces
  • Professor Maria Kafesaki, University of Crete, talk title TBC
    Talk title: Chiral and bianisotropic metamaterials for THz polarization control
  • Professor Jens Förstner, University of Paderborn
    Talk title: Simulation of photonic nanostructures - mixing nonlinear material theories with Maxwell solvers
  • Professor Philippe Lalanne, Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine
    Talk title:Modal approach for absorptive and dispersive resonators
  • Professor Luc Thevenaz, EPFL Zurich
    Talk title: Fundamental aspects of linear slow light systems
  • Professor Kenneth Grattan, City, University of London
    Talk title: Optical Fibre Sensor Systems for Safety and Security applications in industry
  • Professor Jonathan Knight, University of Bath
    Talk title: The essential elements of low loss in hollow optical fibres
  • Professor Shanhui Fan, Stanford University
    Talk title: Photonic control of thermal radiation leading to radiative cooling

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