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Health Series: Expert Comment

Interview with Val McMunn

Val McMunn is a very experienced trainer who runs our Contraception, Sexual Health & Cytology study days; Adolescent Sexual Health, An Introduction to Sexual Health, Women’s Health, Contraception Update, Cytology Update, An Introduction & Overview to Contraception, Contraception for HCA’s.

by City Health

Please explain a bit about your background and how you came to work at City?

I’m Val Mcmunn, I am a qualified nurse, midwife, teacher and hold the advanced diploma in Midwifery and I am an independent nurse prescriber. I have worked in the NHS for 46 years and have had many roles ranging from school nurse to senior management, and in-between I have worked on ICU as a nurse, and as a midwife both in the hospital and in the community.

I still work clinically to maintain my knowledge and skills.

I came to work for City in 2010 as a part time lecturer in Contraception and to develop the modules so they would reflect the need to cover both contraception and sexual health, which is required to enable nurses to work successfully covering all the areas of sexual health when they complete the course.

What can a student expect from coming on one of your study days? (e.g. method of teaching, length of day, is there a lot of interaction)

I facilitate learning and do not teach. I want the students to feel so enthused about the topics I cover that they want to learn more and want to give the best care to patients because they feel confident in the care they give, because of what they have learnt. I want the students to walk away from the study day having enjoyed themselves and I enable this by using many methods of teaching and making the students feel that the can ask questions and contribute to the day. I use power point presentations, story telling, scenarios, role playing, quizzes as well as student interaction.

What do you like about teaching at City?

I ensure we have fun and laughter on every day so we all enjoy the experience and that is why I enjoy working at City. I would suggest that any nurse who is interested in sexual health care enrol on an appropriate day that are available through City.

One interesting fact about yourself?

The interesting fact about me is that I have not had a television for over 20 years.

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