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Transform your idea into a business

“Every solution to a problem is the seed for a commercial idea”, Dr Ogunjimi explains, “The question is whether there is enough need for that solution - and how to supply it in a format that people want”.


This isn’t straight forward process, but the key is to follow a strategic approach, employing the appropriate methodologies for development and assessing risks. “Creating a new commercially viable idea needs to transcend the euphoria of the novelty” Dr Ogunjimi notes, “there are many facets of development to turning your idea into a viable business”.

And he would know. With over 15 years’ experience of commercial technology development, innovation strategy and commercialisation, he has transformed many simple ideas into commercially viable businesses. “I have spent the last ten years working with inventors to shape solutions into commercially viable ideas. I have seen the mistakes first hand and I have learnt hard lessons from my own failures”.

Dr Ogunjimi shares the formula for success in City’s one-day training programme Innovation Training: Turning an Idea into a Business, teaching budding entrepreneurs to develop and commercialise their product idea.

Speaking of his course, he says “My innovation course will not create a new idea for you, but will give you a structured method for transforming your solution to a business product. You will go home with templates that leads you through the process and which to apply over and over again. More importantly, it will teach you to make your ideas attractive to the user, the manufacturer and potential investors. Every solution has the potential to become a good product”.

Dr Ogunjimi teaches the workshop Innovation Training: Turning an Idea into a Business. To book a place on the course or find out about other short courses at City, visit the website.

City runs a number of other courses, from one day Masterclasses to 10 week evening courses. Subject areas include business, management and marketing, computing, creative industries, creative writing, law and languages.

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