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The course has enhanced my career path

My name is Peter Sweeney. I work in an IT division of a bank.


At City I took Object-Oriented Programming with Java short course.

I decided to take the short course because I had wanted to try out some new computing languages and was interested in completing a taster course to sample them. I was also aware that this knowledge would come in useful on my chosen career path.

I found the courses to be interesting and challenging, allowing me to independently come up with solutions to validate my knowledge. The course content was very mixed; I think there was something on the course which suited all students’ expectations. Coming onto the course, I had a few things that I’d wanted to learn – all of these were covered, as well as other content I’d not expected to study or find interesting but did.

The problems presented each week allowed me to extend and solidify my knowledge at home. It was interesting to see how different people in the class solved the same problem.

The tutor, Dionisios Dimakopoulos, was helpful, thorough and more than willing to go the extra mile at any point to help students out.

Fellow students were very varied and easy to get on with. They were from a range of backgrounds but all aligned towards similar goals.

The knowledge I gained on this course has proved to be applicable to a wider array of contexts than just Java language.

I believe going onto the course has enhanced my career path. I am now able to take up a wider range of projects and have increased confidence when communicating to colleagues about their projects completed using Java.

I’m interested in taking up another evening course next semester but I haven’t settled on one yet!

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