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System Analyst promoted after Web Authoring success

Amos Mathias was working as a System Analyst at the College of Education in Zing, Nigeria, but to further his career he embarked on the Web Authoring short course at City, University of London:

by Dionisios Dimakopoulos

“Since the world relies on information sharing, I thought it would be wise to explore avenues for creating and managing information and I chose the Web Authoring course at City because of its relevancy in the field of information systems. Web authoring is all about creating web pages and manipulating them with features that attract people to your website.

“It was a wonderful experience studying at City. I learnt so much from my tutor, Dr Faezeh Seyedarabi. The most interesting part of the course was understanding the web services.

“After completing the course, I returned to my previous place of work, the College of Education in Zing, and organised several workshops on web authoring and designed websites for a number of organisations. In recognition of the knowledge that I acquired at City, I was soon promoted to a Lecturer in the Computer Science Department.

“I now teach students pursuing the National Certificate of Education, Nigeria’s highest Educational qualification for primary and secondary school teachers. My students will in turn pass the knowledge I gained at City to their students across Nigeria.”

Amos will soon be heading back to London to start a Masters in Cyber Security at City;

“After completing my Masters at City, I intend to work with the Nigeria Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, to assist in curtailing the insecurity in our cyber space. I hope the course will give me the impetus to further explore areas that are vulnerable in our cyber space with the view to protecting them, considering the present security challenges and insecurity in online transactions in the country.”

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