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Short courses student finds professional success in China

My name is David Larsson. I took Chinese Mandarin Beginner and Intermediate short courses at City, University of London.

by David Larsson

I studied BSc (Hons) Business Studies at Cass Business School, City,  University of London. After graduating I have been working within Corporate Banking in London. Recently, I have moved back to Sweden and am currently working as a business consultant in Stockholm.

Prior to that, during the past two years I worked as a consultant and wealth manager in China, while also studying Chinese.

It was a combination of professional and personal factors that motivated me to start studying Chinese. On the one hand, I have always been interested in eastern culture. On the other hand, considering the important role China had started playing in the world, I was very motivated to learn Chinese for my career.

Being an undergraduate student at City, University of London, it was a natural decision to select the short course at City. Since I was extremely satisfied with the beginner classes it was an easy decision to continue with the intermediate level course.

The courses were very well structured and interesting, which encouraged me to study hard and thus to pick up the language quickly.

Moreover, the tutor Yinghong Huang is an absolutely fantastic teacher and one of the key reasons  why I enjoyed studying Chinese so much.

Thank to the short courses that I undertook at City, I had a very solid foundation when I went to China. When I continued my studies at an advanced level in China I felt that my speaking and listening skills were particularly good as compared with classmates who had taken their studies elsewhere. This also allowed me to quickly adapt to life in China.

If I had not taken the course I probably would not have considered going to China later, so you could say that taking the short course was life changing and has had a profound effect on my personal and professional life.

Equally, I would not have been able to perform the jobs I did in China to the same level and within the same timeframe had I not built a solid language foundation before going there.

I am very pleased that I took the decision to embark upon Chinese studies, as the doors that knowing the language have helped open are numerous, and have given me a lot of joy both personally and professionally.

Having developed the knowledge and confidence at my City short course I managed to reach an advanced level of Chinese in a relatively short amount of time, and this is why I have a very practical reason to recommend short courses in Chinese Mandarin at City to my friends interested in learning this beautiful language.

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