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Short course helps analyst to master secrets of good writing

My name is Papiya Chatterjee. I am a policy analyst for a membership organisation.


The short course I took at City, University of London was Writing for Business.

I chose this course because I was keen to write in a more engaging way. In my job, I write a lot of reports. My hope is that people who read my reports will want to keep reading until the end! I particularly like the way that successful journalists write and wanted to try and incorporate some of that style into my writing.

I chose City because it is well known for its journalism courses so I thought its course on business writing would be of an equally high standard. On further research, I found that the syllabus was relevant to my needs and the course was good value for money.

I really enjoyed my time at City. It was great to meet new people from a range of organisations and to learn from each other.

The tutor, Marianne Gray, got us to think about how we write and how to improve our writing. She shared a number of tools and techniques to hook readers beyond the first paragraph.

I learned that to write well, there are two things you absolutely must do: read more and write more.

Now I feel more confident to put pen to paper to write a variety of pieces, from blogs to speeches. I have attended a number of other writing courses over the years but this was by far the best.

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