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Programmer can't get enough of City's Computing short courses

My name is Norman Hansen. I am currently working for Public Health England. My professional interest is in programming agent-based models.

by Norman Hansen

In the last year I have taken 3 computing short courses at City:.Net Advanced Applications Development using C#, Advanced Linux Network and System Administration and Financial Engineering in Interest Rates and FX (C++ applications).

I chose to take the courses to improve my career prospects. First, I decided to upgrade my knowledge of C# to look for a new job. I did change jobs but stayed with C++ and reprised my computer modelling skills from an earlier career. So the second and the third course were about refreshing my existing knowledge and developing additional skills for my current role.

I picked City because I needed courses that would give me the current practical knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in the industry. City seemed to be the only place that was offering that level of courses with a required rigor and depth.

Whilst on the programme, I enjoyed learning and being academically stretched.

My tutors were very knowledgeable. For example, the Financial Engineering tutor was working in the subject area that he was teaching so he was very aware of real-world problems and challenges. I made plenty of useful notes in addition to ample handouts and got several very helpful insights.

Throughout the course I was able to discuss my learning with fellow students before and after class but it was not by any means a social gathering – everyone was there to learn for professional reasons and was really focused on their progress.

All three courses that I attended met my expectations in being very intensive and down to business. The value comes from being able to ask questions and to draw the information you need.

My plan is to come back to City and do one of the game development courses or the internet applications course. This time, purely for personal interest.

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