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Media planner takes on the world of digital marketing

My name is Gwen Rivet. I am media planner and buyer for a global media consultancy and advisory service. My employer is based in the City of London.


The short course I took at City, University of London was Digital Marketing: An Introduction.

I chose to do this course because of my ongoing passion for the digital world and especially digital marketing. On top of that, my job requires an in-depth understanding of the digital communications as this is where most of my work is focused on.

In my job, when creating and planning digital campaigns for my clients, it is important that I know which platforms to direct them to in order to reach their target audience, advise them on how to use these platforms effectively within their budget and help them analyse their results and make sense of the numbers.

I knew that City had a short course in digital marketing because they are my client and I got to know their short courses really well: I help promote them!

Having researched City’s competitors, I realised that only City short courses offered the course I was interested in with a comprehensive syllabus, central location and a reasonable price tag.

I was not disappointed! The course approached the subject from different angles – the tutor, Martin Deal, centred each session on a different topic and gave multiple examples in order to contextualise what we were learning.

I also really liked the fact that we were split into groups and asked to complete a digital marketing project in the space of 10 weeks. It allowed us to work towards a goal using all the material learned throughout course.

Studying at City, University of London was a good experience because I learned new things, met new people from different backgrounds and got better at my job!

I will be back for Strategic Digital Marketing which builds on the knowledge that I gained on the Introduction to Digital Marketing short course.

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