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Artist masters Japanese to take up artist’s residency in East Asia

My name is Tara Benjamin-Morgan. I am freelance artist and art tutor.


At City, University of London I took the Japanese for Beginners course.

I had started teaching myself Japanese but soon realised I needed to receive feedback on my progress, as well as study in a classroom environment, so I enrolled on a short course at City.

I chose City’s Japanese for Beginners short course because the course description was well-structured, clear and coherent. It looked appealing. I also found this course to be a little less expensive than some other providers’.

City, University of London has a good reputation and I felt that I would be able to trust the quality of teaching there.

I enjoyed the course. What made it special was the tutor’s, Taka Ogura, friendly and personal approach to each student’s progress, as well as ensuring the class moved forward as a whole. It was also, in part, due to the tutor’s eccentric mannerisms which were excellent learning aids! He had a lot of energy and good humour.

I have made some great friends on the course and the atmosphere between classmates was very warm, particularly between those who attended through the year.

I am now continuing my studies with a private tutor closer to home and will be travelling to Japan next year for an Artist’s Residency.

I hope to eventually be fluent in Japanese and to embark on a career that shifts its focus between Japan and the UK.

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