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Sarah-Jane Legge and Holly Moore graduate with Firsts

Both graduands are studying on the Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship scheme in partnership with CILEx Law School and The City Law School.
by John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer)

546440Sarah-Jane Legge and Holly Moore have graduated with LLB Legal Practice (First Class Honours) degrees after four years on the Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship scheme in partnership with CILEx Law School and The City Law School.

The six-year Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship scheme was announced in 2015 as an innovative new pathway leading to qualification as a solicitor. It has the potential to diversify the profession by opening up opportunities for individuals who might not otherwise consider a career in law or have the resources to follow more traditional pathways.

Sarah-Jane is completing her apprenticeship at Ashtons Legal. She attended Oxford University where she obtained a degree in modern languages.


She said the biggest challenge facing apprentices is creating a routine and finding the time and motivation to study around work and home life. However, one of the highlights of her apprenticeship has been “the excitement of getting stuck into new areas of law every year, and the satisfaction of finally landing on my argument in an essay or problem question”.

Sarah-Jane’s passion lies in French property law:

I would like to qualify into the French Legal Services Team at Ashtons Legal, specialising in French property law and cross-border estates and gain further experience in the field by working in a Notarial Office in France.  My ultimate ambition is to become a partner at Ashtons Legal and eventually Head of the French Legal Services Team.

Holly is completing her apprenticeship at ITV. Though the course has not been without its challenges, she has no regrets:

546437“This course to qualification is certainly challenging, as we have had to balance our working responsibilities with our study commitments and find time for ourselves, which hasn’t been easy. However, I have enjoyed studying different areas of law, and applying what I have studied to my work, which I have benefited from. I have gained organisational and communication skills which have benefited me in all areas of my life as a result of having control over my studies and therefore the outcome of my work. A huge highlight of the last four years has been studying with Sarah-Jane as we have challenged and supported each other throughout. All of the hard work and sacrifice has paid off for us and I wouldn’t change a thing about the route I have chosen.”

Holly’s goal is to prepare for the SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examinations) in September 2020 and go on to qualify as a solicitor in 2022.

Angela Jackman, Director of the Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship scheme at The City Law School, has been impressed with the focus and dedication of both graduands:

Sarah-Jane and Holly have been tenacious students from the very start of the course. It is hugely challenging to work four days a week whilst juggling this with the demands of a rigorous law degree which requires continuous evening and weekend studying. I have been impressed with their dedication and academic performance throughout the last four years. I have also witnessed first-hand their growing skills, confidence and profiles as future solicitors. They are an inspiration and true trailblazers who will be among the first cohort of solicitor apprentices to qualify in the UK.

Please note that The City Law School is not recruiting new cohorts to the solicitor apprenticeship scheme.

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