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Gender and Sexualities Research Centre launches at City

City, University of London’s Department of Sociology will house the new Centre, which aims to be a hub for the wide-ranging gender and sexualities research across the University

by Chris Lines (Senior Communications Officer)

Autumn 2019 sees the launch of a new Gender and Sexualities Research Centre (GSRC) at City, University of London.

Housed in the institution’s Department of Sociology, but with research and activity ranging across the university, the GSRC will analyse how gender and sexuality intersect with other social divisions and identities in a rapidly changing world, and will foster interdisciplinary dialogue, collaboration and research.

Sociology academics Dr Jo Littler and Professor Rosalind Gill will be Directors of the Centre, with a further eight City academics sitting on its Management Committee.

Dr Littler said:

“The GSRC has grown out of many years’ work at City on gender and sexualities research. We are delighted that both our strengths in this area, and the importance of the subjects, are being recognised through the formation of a Centre. We are excited to work with a wide range of people both across and beyond the university, and to act as a hub for research exploring how gender and sexuality relate to issues of diversity, inequality and power.”

There will also be an Advisory Committee comprised of established bodies such as the UK’s primary gender equality and women’s rights charity The Fawcett Society alongside grassroots organisations including Let Toys Be Toys.

Numerous other City academics will be Members of the Centre. A full list of academics and organisations involved in the Centre is available on City’s website.

Aims of the GSRC

The GSRC is based around the ideals of knowledge exchange, partnership and inclusion. It aims to act as a hub, drawing together the wide-ranging research existing across the University on gender and sexualities, providing an intellectual base and fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, collaboration and research within City and beyond.

The Centre is critical, inclusive and outward-looking, offering a space for engagement with key contemporary issues. These range from current news headlines (#MeToo, the gender pay gap, LGBTQI rights) to enduring questions about the dynamics of power and in/equality, in order to analyse how gender and sexuality intersect with other social divisions and identities in a rapidly changing world.

In its previous incarnation as the Gender and Sexuality Research Forum, academics have put on a wide range of public talks, seminars, graduate workshops and conferences on subjects such as gender and social media, feminism and childcare, feminism and neoliberalism, digital masculinities, care and inequality.

They have hosted speakers from a wide range of institutions both nationally and internationally, including figures such as Professors Beverley Skeggs (LSE), Sarah Banet-Weiser (Annenberg), Kalpana Wilson and Lynne Segal (Birkbeck) and as well as from public organisations such as Family and Childcare Trust, collaborations with the British Sociological Association, the Women’s Media Studies Network, and teachers and students at local schools.

Launch event

Having now grown into a fully-fledged Research Centre, an official GSRC launch event in association with the Feminist and Women Studies Association, will take place on 16th October 2019 from 1-6pm, followed by a reception.

The event, called ‘Feminist Dilemmas, Feminist Hope?’ has a diverse range of speakers and three panel discussions, including one featuring new University and College Union General Secretary Jo Grady.

A range of further events are planned, including a seminar on #MeToo on 28th October.

Follow the GSRC on Twitter: @GSRC_City

Sign up to the Centre’s mailing list or get in touch via email:

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