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Faisal Abdalla in lecture theatre
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Training body and mind

City staff and students train body and mind with celebrity fitness guru, Faisal Abdalla.

by Matthew Little (Communications Officer)

Trading star names like Ellie Goulding and Ella Eyre for City, Faisal Abdalla spoke to staff and students about the importance of keeping a positive mental attitude (PMA) when approaching work and exercise.

The event which was organised by Sodexo, City’s official catering partner, allowed attendees to sample naturally sourced energy drinks and healthy protein balls while asking Faisal questions about how they can improve their own fitness levels.

Faisal said: “I apply PMA to every single part of my life as it is amazing what you can achieve when you approach things with a positive attitude. Being happy is just as important as being strong, fast or fit when training. If you have a healthy mind then there is no stopping you!

“My job as a personal trainer is to help get my clients to be the best possible versions of themselves. I tell all of them that it is ok to fail and in fact failure is what we are after as that is the best way to learn and improve.

“It can’t all be about the aesthetic – your mind and body need to work as one and be as strong as each other.

“Whoever my clients are, the one piece of advice I always give them is to be happy. You will never run out of excuses, but one day you will run out of tomorrows. So get out there and live your best life today!”

Faisal Abdalla, Fitness Coach and Celebrity Trainer

Praising City’s focus on wellbeing, the gym consultant and bestselling author, Faisal said: “The CitySport gym was massive! It was great to see such a variety of equipment and studios for students to use.

“The staff all seemed really passionate about fitness and that says a lot about the university. If I were a student here I would be more than happy to train there.”

A perfect fit

After an impromptu group exercise session, fitness addict and third year student Giulia Basana, (BSc Journalism), said:

“Fitness is so important to me as when I train I just feel happy. It is easy to feel stressed and worried when meeting deadlines and writing my essays, but when I am running on a treadmill or lifting weights I feel so powerful and that can make a bad day good again.

“Even just yesterday I was in the library and I couldn’t focus – after going to the gym for just a quick 30 minutes I was able to go back and concentrate on my work again. Sometimes stepping away and focusing on your body can really help your mind.

“Meeting Faisal was so inspirational, I can relate so much to what he was saying about staying mentally positive.

"It isn’t just about exercising to look good, it is so important to ensure that your mental health is just as good as your physical health as then you will truly succeed.”

Giulia Basana, (BSc Journalism)

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