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Callum Pudge
Campus Life Series: Graduate Success

Need for speed

Optometry student and drag racer, Stacey Reed, talks to Optometry Today about her pre-race rituals, keeping calm under pressure and what it feels like to travel at 150 miles per hour

by City Press Office (General enquiries)

Stacey Reed is in her second year of study in optometry at City, University of London.  She is also an accomplished drag racer.

Speaking to Optometry Today as part of the journal’s ‘Secret Life’ series, Stacey shares some of the thrills and spills of her drag racing life, and how she got into the sport.

Read the article at Optometry Today, Journal of the Association of Optometrists (AOP).

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  • Stacey Reed drag racing image

    Photo by Callum Pudge

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