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City nursing students visit Hong Kong

Three City nursing students travelled to Hong Kong for first-hand clinical experience as part of the WC2 Network.

by City Press Office (General enquiries)

City and HKPU are members of the WC2 Network which brings together top universities located in major world cities in order to respond to the challenges and opportunities facing urban areas.

Nicole Seneque, David Kiy and Deborah Buchanan, (PGDip Nursing), visited Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU) and spent time in local health care providers getting first-hand experience with equipment and learning about the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine.

The three students were also invited to brief their hosts on the NHS and the time that they spent in Hong Kong will contribute to the 500 hours of practical work required to complete the PGDip Nursing course.

Speaking about her experience of Hong Kong and healthcare abroad Nicole said:

“I spent last summer volunteering in Tanzania, but this was my first time in Asia, so imagined a very busy city with tall buildings and lots of people. I was able to try wonderful foods and see how alternative medicines play a big part in their local healthcare.

“Throughout the trip, we were able to visit a number of hospitals, including drug and alcohol dependency units, disability and mental health wards. We also were invited to lectures on pain management where we listened to masters’ students present their research projects.

“I was really surprised to see the many locations where we could go hiking – on one of the weekends we hiked Dragon's Back on Hong Kong Island. I was also amazed to see the different challenges to their healthcare system like the weather and how well the country coped with a signal T10 typhoon!”

David who has spent five years living in Asia prior to the trip said:

“I found it interesting to see the mix of Chinese and British culture within the healthcare system in Hong Kong. Both systems have similar challenges in working with the stigma and lack of resources for mental health.

“I would strongly recommend this exchange to future nursing students. Seeing other ways of training helps you see the areas where our healthcare system needs to improve. Experiencing international healthcare systems also allows us to understand our patients and appreciate their cultural differences.

David Kiy, (PGDip Nursing)

“Finally, travelling abroad with classmates helps you strengthen relationships and teamwork skills which will be a great help for when we start working as qualified nurses.”

More information on City’s international partnerships and the WC2 Network can be found here.

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