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Twin sister children's nursing students standing together
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Nursing students Sana and Sameena on Sisters' Day

In celebration of National Sisters’ Day, twins Sana and Sameena tell us what it’s like studying the same nursing course at university and what they have planned for the future

by City Press Office (General enquiries)

Sana and Sameena are twin sisters studying Children’s Nursing here at City, University of London.

In honour of National Sisters' Day this Sunday, we sat down with them to discuss what it’s like being on the same course, what they get up to when they’re not studying and what they plan to do once they graduate.

*Spoiler alert* - they both have jobs lined up on the same hospital ward

Sameena: Did we always plan on going to the same university?

Sana: It wasn’t actually something that we discussed really, was it?

Sameena: No, I don’t think so.

Sana: We decided to explore our options, and both fell in love with the atmosphere at City, realising that this was where we wanted to go.

Sameena: Definitely. We both realised it was the right fit for us.

Sana and Sameena together

Interviewer: When was it that you decided to come here?

Sana: The open day was a big factor for me. Coming here and speaking to former students and lecturers enabled me to get a vibe for the university. A vibe I most definitely liked. Everyone seemed so positive about their experience here, and I walked out feeling it was right for me.

Sameena: Yes, I came and instantly knew this was the place for me. I can confirm we have been right about that.

Sana: Yes, definitely. Now we are here, what is it like being on the same course as me?

Sameena: I think it’s really nice, especially with nursing. The nature of the course means that it can be quite demanding. Sometimes you go on placements and have those long tiring days, and if you’re not on the course you don’t really get it.

Sana: Yes, I agree. Others don’t quite understand it in the same way.

Sameena: Having you on the course helps. You’re the first person I’ll phone if I’m having a bad day. You’re always like ‘It’s fine, that’s happened to me too’, and it’s comforting having that assurance that you’re not the only one going through it.

Interviewer: Who was the first person to decide they wanted to study Child Nursing?

Sana: I think it’s fair to say we came to the realisation around the same time, right? We never thought we had to study the same thing though. We both decided by ourselves, and then when I told you, you were like ‘I want to do that too!’

Sameena: Yes! We made the decision independently, but it being the same wasn’t too much of a surprise. We have always had similar interests, and we took similar A-levels, so it makes sense that we would want to study the same thing.

Sana: What made you want to study Child Nursing?

Sameena: If I’m honest my decision wasn’t pinpointed to a single sole reason but a collection of cues directing me towards the course.I’ve always had an interest in the wonders of healthcare, and I think children in themselves are so interesting. From looking at the start of life with neonates to treating your 16-year olds. The vast physiological development and anatomical changes means there is a lot to learn.

Sana: Yes, there are always learning opportunities, each shift is unlike the last and it’s that dynamic environment which makes it so fascinating. You see the bridges of life and death before you, and to be a part of such a pivotal team within society is both a privilege and an opportunity like no other. It made the Child Nursing course a great fit.

Sameena: What’s been your favourite part about your time here at City? I think for me it’s the environment. The lecturers, the people…

Sana: The course in itself. I do think studying at City has been one of the best decisions we have made. I’ve loved my time here and hope everyone else enjoys it just as much!

Sameena: Yes, it’s enabled us to experience some incredible moments, from witnessing open heart surgery to partaking in the care given to paediatric trauma patients, in some of the best hospitals in London. The support available has honestly been fantastic. The mock job interviews facilitated by our lecturers helped us in securing jobs at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where we will both be working on the same ward. I have truly loved my time at City and hope to come back to do my master’s degrees here too!

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