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Busy bees get to work at City’s honey harvest

Staff, students and members of the public were invited to harvest the honey collected from the City beehives.

by Matthew Little (Communications Officer)

There was a hive of excitement at City’s annual honey harvest, where attendees got to harvest honey which was created by the two City beehives on the roof of University Building.

With a real buzz about the place, there were also activities showing the journey from beehive to honeypot, the importance of bees, the dangers that threaten them and what we can do to help.

Isla Gilbert, age eight, said: “I really like honey as the bees feed their children with it and I also like to eat it as my mum sometimes puts it on toast for my breakfast.

“Bees are important so if I ever see a sick bee on the floor I give them a flower. They can be scary sometimes because they sting, but they only do that if they are scared.

“They are black and yellow which are pretty colours and they are always buzzing about. The way they make honey is really clever and to see it here has been fun.”

A less keen honey eater, Aurelio Murphy, age eight, said: “I don’t actually like eating honey but I will give it to my dad as he really likes it.

“Making my own honey was really fun and the best bit was putting it in the spinner as you had to turn it really quick, but I still don’t like the taste.”

The beehives were installed in 2015 as part of a campaign by the Mayor of London to support urban bees and increase biodiversity on City’s campus.

All proceeds from the honey harvest goes back into maintenance of the City beehives. The leftover honey will go on sale in October with details to follow.

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